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  Can you still buy the J$ pads though? Lawton Audio obviously is still selling their's but I don't see the J$ anywhere.
Probably one of the more useful and believable reviews I've read.
Some of this QC and comfort talk is getting me a little worried. I'll find out in less than a week either way. I guess if I'm not happy I can return them for the HD650 or DT880
 I'd have to agree with you. I've NEVER read anyone say the sound got worse. You would think at some point you'd hear someone say the sound got too flabby or uncontrolled or the clarity of the highs disappeared or something.
Yep, from the wifey. I think it will be more exciting this way.
My headphones arrived today but I think I'm waiting until Christmas to open them. This could be painful.
You could legitimately try something like the KSC75 (maybe the best value in the entire industry) underneath some bigger cans. Hmm...the morbid curiosity calls...
Hey if you can afford either of those amps, then surely you can afford to throw another HE500 in to drive your HE500. I can picture it now. One set of cans sitting on top of the other. Two cans on each ear!
I think you'd hear at least some of that resonance with basically EVERY headphone in the world, except maybe the K1000.
I just ordered the Canare L-4E5AT and the 6mm sleeve (and 4 mm sleeve). I'm not even really sure how well it will fit. I figure this stuff is fairly trial and error. I mostly concerned this sleeving will be too "plastic-y."   I believe he used the same cable all the way up but he used 3mm paracord (the 'denim' color) on the leads.
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