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Ok pleathers are back on with the spacers out. SOOOO comfy.
I was at the Container Store and thought that either of these paper towel holders would work and look pretty good. $20 each.   The first one looks better but doesn't spread the contact out very much on the headband.         This might work too, or it might be too short.  
I use the SRH940 velour ear pads on my ATH-M50 all day at work and don't find them to be itchy. The HE-400's velours I do find itchy though. Bummer.   Someone earlier mentioned using the DT880 pads on the HE-400 right? Those are like the softest ear pads I've ever seen.
  That's what I'm doing. Only buttoned them all for a minute to see how tight it really was.
  It's comfy indeed but I can't believe you guys are scrunching up the stock headband to snap all the buttons like that!     I tried it for 1 minute and then undid it and the stock headband look battered and abused.
  I'm surprised you're having any trouble at all. It really only took me a few seconds on my first try. The first 3 clips go in easily and then I kind of sort of bent the whole pad back by pushing on the edge with my thumb and the 4th clip popped into place.
What about the Lawton Audio pads? They are expensive but they are available and should be basically the same as the J$ right?
Well I'm not throwing them away but I will try without them. :) They pads seem like they'd feel a bit squishier without the inserts which is nice.
I already took it out and set it under a coaster to flatten it out. You know I may take back what I said about the velours after just 10 minutes. Getting itchy already. I hate when velours do this. They go on all nice and soft and then 5 minutes later I'm scratching the side of my face and repositioning the cans.
Noticed this just now when I picked up my headphones. Not sure if it's been like this since I bought them last month but I can't seem to get it lie flat. I hadn't taken them off until I took this picture. So I just put the velours on (went on much easier than I was expecting) and I'll worry about this bump later! Velours are comfy. :)  
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