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Here's the paint chip I mentioned a couple pages back. Going to call them tomorrow.  
Has anyone done at least a quick and dirty write up about how to switch the earpads? I'd like to put the velours on but I'm not really sure what I should be pulling/twisting on and don't want to break anything.   Also, the rubber spacers that they came with installed aren't necessary? Are those just there to add depth for bigger ears?
I'll probably give HiFiMan a call tomorrow. The grills are easy to take off right?   As for the sound, still adjusting to the signature after spending a lot of time with the AD700 recently and trying a little of everything from jazz, piano, rock, and pop. Right off the bat I would say they are very pleasant to listen to (and I mean that in the best way possible). I'm also finding them VERY comfortable. My AD700 had gotten very uncomfortable. Itchy, slid around around...
Just opened my HE400 for Christmas and listening now. Unfortunately I noticed out of the box a small spot where the black paint chipped off the left grill near the center. I could probably "buff" it out with a Sharpie but I wonder if I should contact HeadRoom or HiFiMan about getting a replacement grill. 
The Denon D5000 wowed me big time the first time I heard them. They were by far the best cans I'd heard up to that point.
  Can you still buy the J$ pads though? Lawton Audio obviously is still selling their's but I don't see the J$ anywhere.
Probably one of the more useful and believable reviews I've read.
Some of this QC and comfort talk is getting me a little worried. I'll find out in less than a week either way. I guess if I'm not happy I can return them for the HD650 or DT880
 I'd have to agree with you. I've NEVER read anyone say the sound got worse. You would think at some point you'd hear someone say the sound got too flabby or uncontrolled or the clarity of the highs disappeared or something.
Yep, from the wifey. I think it will be more exciting this way.
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