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  This is really what I was wondering. Can they be "blown" so to speak without plugging them into an amp that has been deliberately chosen/configured to do so?
Is it possible to damage these headphones by playing too loud?
  Now this is more like it. Something about the soundstage on this recording makes it sound very between the ears to me though. That sax player looks like Jim from American Pie.   Check this out.  This whole album is one of the best recordings I've ever heard. This particular upload sounds a bit veiled though.   This is good too.
Because the target market doesn't care or know.
Here's an entertaining article on the subject. Even Snooki has headphones coming out. FRIGGING SNOOKI!
  I'm going to have to have a talk with my mother-in-law about crafting a custom fitted headband. She is a master with the sewing machine and I'm sure we could put something together with about $5 worth of supplies from that Jo'Anns store. I'm thinking basically the same design as the Beyer pad but with a black velour fabric and maybe velcro instead of snaps. She even hand stitched a PSP case for me back in the day that was real nice.
  How did you get the Beyer pad to fit this well? I have the same pad and I can only snap the buttons on the far ends. The middle 4 buttons are just too far apart due to the He400's wide pad.   That said, even with just those two buttons snapped, these things are world's more comfortable this way.
I used a small wrench on mine. Just make sure not to go crazy.   I'm going to try building my own cable like GTRagnarok did earlier in the thread. I'm just waiting on my 2nd connector to arrive from China (accidentally ordered just 1 the first time). I wish high end headphones came with 4-5 foot cables as opposed to 10 foot. I would imagine the majority of customers would prefer a shorter cable.
Well this really blows. I spoke to HiFiMan customer service and I would have to send the headphones to China for my scratched grill replacement. I don't think that's worth it or good customer service. They won't just send me one new grill. Going to see what HeadRoom can do...
Here's the paint chip I mentioned a couple pages back. Going to call them tomorrow.  
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