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iPhone 5 wallpaper. Enjoy.    
  Before I put the wider piece of foam on my stand I hung them for a few minutes on the small piece and it left a noticeable dent in the headband after just a few minutes. I wouldn't want to hang them like that all the time.
  Woah awesome. Where do you get wood like that?
This...   http://www.lowes.com/pd_336563-28868-8832_0__?productId=3583294&Ntt=texture+roller&pl=1¤tURL=%3FNtt%3Dtexture%2Broller&facetInfo=   I cut it with a knife. I wish it fit all the way around but it's not big enough.
Here's the headphone stand I've been working on lately. More details over here!  
You could use the smaller LEGO head and the 1x1 brick as a headphone stand. I just personally don't like the idea of the pads pressing against something all the time. The LEGO head is about the size of kid's head.     Here's a stand I've been working on. I found this thing (I have no idea what it is) at the Habitat for Humanity for $4 and thought it had headphone stand potential. There's all kinds of old junk at that place that could be made into something...
Ok pleathers are back on with the spacers out. SOOOO comfy.
I was at the Container Store and thought that either of these paper towel holders would work and look pretty good. $20 each.   The first one looks better but doesn't spread the contact out very much on the headband.         This might work too, or it might be too short.  
I use the SRH940 velour ear pads on my ATH-M50 all day at work and don't find them to be itchy. The HE-400's velours I do find itchy though. Bummer.   Someone earlier mentioned using the DT880 pads on the HE-400 right? Those are like the softest ear pads I've ever seen.
  That's what I'm doing. Only buttoned them all for a minute to see how tight it really was.
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