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  What did you use for the inside of the headband?
Stopped at Jo'Anne's yesterday and got the fabric to put inside my J$ pads. Seems very similar to the HiFiMan fabric.
Sorry but what is the Annie? The only thing I know that's called Annie and is music related is possibly the worst song in the history of the world.
Velour is super hit or miss for me. AD700 and HE400 = itchy. Shure 940 = comfy. Beyer = velour of the Gods.   The J$ leather so far is extremely comfy.
  Other game music soundtracks that are a fantastic match for the HE-400: Hotline Miami Bastion Fez
  I might try that over the weekend which is probably also when I'll apply some sort of dust cover. Here's what I'm not afraid to go ahead and say...I've had these on my head for an hour now and these pads could not be more comfortable. So smooth and soft, not sweaty like the pleathers, such a nice fluffly plushness that's not too firm but not too loose. AHHHHH these things just melt on your head. 
I thought about that but I want to hold on to them. I'll pick up some fabric tomorrow. These things are so soft.
My J$ arrived. So I just slip the velour off the plastic and slide these over top in the same manner correct? I'll have to stop at the fabric store tomorrow too to look for something to attach in there as a cover.   Thanks for the Zelda soundtrack tip. Any idea who the orchestra is?
My J$ pads are on their way to mailbox and I'm stuck at work. 
  Easy now, I did that while at work and the original photo is not even mine! :) I did touch that white speck out of it though. The black and white actually looks quite good on my white phone's lock screen with white and black case.   Here it is...    
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