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Are you in high school?
I have both the AD700 and M50. I find the AD700 far more comfortable but I tend to like looser fitting headphones more in general and the M50 "clamps" a little bit. I don't think you'll find the M50s any more comfortable if you are wearing glasses as they tend to feel tighter and stiffer on your head.   Have you tried shifting the AD700 wings forwards or backwards a bit on top of your head to see if that helps? Also you could try something like this even though all...
Excuse the dumb question but who is this RMC you speak of?   *edit: nevermind, found it
I've been using the M50 with E7 at work for about 3 months now. They make a great pair, and to answer a specific question, Radiohead does sound very nice on them...everything from the earlier more raw Radiohead sound to the electronic minimal albums of late. With that said, I plan to upgrade to the D2000 or D5000 as soon as I can because I find them much more comfortable for my head and a I want a bigger soundstage for some of the classical and jazz I listen...
Just to be clear, that you don't like it doesn't make it "not good." I don't necessarily like Eminem but that doesn't make his music bad. You do realize that before rock/pop/hip-hop, etc. jazz WAS the mainstream music right? I think the current mainstream genres were in large part born out of a rebellion against parents/the establishment, etc.. Not out of a necessity to create "better" music.   How much jazz have you really tried? It might be the deepest and most varying...
Any update on this? The article originally said late January.
About two months ago I was deciding between the ATH M50 and the DT770 Pro 80. I went with the M50 because they were cheaper, more portable, better isolating, and easier to drive. I kind of wish I had gone with the DT770 sometimes because they were INSANELY comfortable in the store and I got a Fiio E7 anyway. Ultimately I think the M50 was a better bang for my buck but man I loved the way the DT felt on my head.
I don't know if I'm breaking the spirit of the thread but did anyone see Ted Williams on Jimmy Fallon with his ATH M50.     
Shure SRH 840 is all over the new video for the new Elbow song Lippy Kids.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NItwaz0nLJA   Practically a commercial for the 840! Great song too!
I recently downloaded the McCoy Tyner Solo: Live from San Francisco album from iTunes and am a bit displeased with the quality of the sound. Aside from an unfortunate amount of white noise, there's a bit of distortion through the album on some of his louder dynamics. I looked at a song in audacity and don't see clipping but some stuff just doesn't sound right to me. Take a listen to this short clip from the track Angelina. Where does this distortion on the louder...
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