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Unless Fiio plans to offer a firmware upgrade option to change the keylock feature, I'm probably going to sell my E7 (and then not purchase the E9 which I was planning on for home use with the E7). I find it that annoying. I don't want the screen to say on all the time and I don't want to have to hold down the Menu button and unlock the device every time I want to change the volume. I use the E7 in the office and sometimes want to quickly adjust the volume. The double...
That kind of brain that can achieve the degree of hand to feet independence he displays in his soloing doesn't fit in a small head.    Seriously though, if you look at pictures of him next to other people, his head doesn't look small at all. And like I said earlier, the stock M50 can fit very small if you want it to.
Yes, I'm sure that's the case. 
It must be something with the isolation because the M50 can be very clampy out of the box unless you stretch them. Even then, I would think more space between the head and the driver would ultimately let more sound in seeping through the extra foam/pleather than just having one pad. Maybe the extra air space keeps his ears feeling cooler or something...   This is what he said about the IEMs...   "... The headphones I'm wearing also round off the ear-infection...
For anyone that's attended a Rush concert recently, you may have noticed Neil using the Audio Technica M50 on stage. What I didn't notice until seeing this close up shot, was that he's using a modded double ear pad. I wonder exactly what they did with these and what exactly the purpose is. I know he recently talked about how he had to stop using IEMs due to health reasons (infections and stuff).   More pics can be found at their official website.  
  This, or   4. You are using the word "distortion" so much I can't help but think you might have some seriously bad source material. Very low bit rates, radio rips downloaded off a file sharing site, or something.   The SRH 840 are fantastic cans and shouldn't be distorting under normal use like you mention. Maybe you got a pair of damaged cans or something.
Wondering the same thing...seems to be a bit later than expected.
Check the for sale forum. The D2000 and D5000 can be found there from time to time.
Keep checking Amazon. When they last had them in stock, they were around $389. can watch the price and alert you of changes.
Denon D5000. Your search is over.
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