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Any update on this? The article originally said late January.
About two months ago I was deciding between the ATH M50 and the DT770 Pro 80. I went with the M50 because they were cheaper, more portable, better isolating, and easier to drive. I kind of wish I had gone with the DT770 sometimes because they were INSANELY comfortable in the store and I got a Fiio E7 anyway. Ultimately I think the M50 was a better bang for my buck but man I loved the way the DT felt on my head.
I don't know if I'm breaking the spirit of the thread but did anyone see Ted Williams on Jimmy Fallon with his ATH M50.     
Shure SRH 840 is all over the new video for the new Elbow song Lippy Kids.   Practically a commercial for the 840! Great song too!
I recently downloaded the McCoy Tyner Solo: Live from San Francisco album from iTunes and am a bit displeased with the quality of the sound. Aside from an unfortunate amount of white noise, there's a bit of distortion through the album on some of his louder dynamics. I looked at a song in audacity and don't see clipping but some stuff just doesn't sound right to me. Take a listen to this short clip from the track Angelina. Where does this distortion on the louder...
You definitely want to be connecting the E7 to your iPhone with a LOD, and not using the headphone output on the phone to connect to the E7. I use this and it works great. The SendStation LOD will also let you charge the phone at the same time as you are playing music.   Actually, now that I think about said changing the volume from 20 to 60 does nothing. The only reason I can think of for that happening is you actually are plugging your iPhone into one of the...
Does anyone have a picture of the change they made to the volume knob that ukkisavosta mentioned?
Are any long time owners experiencing much burn-in or degradation of the E7's display? Just got mine this week and I really hate the keylock "feature." The keylock should be changed to a display sleep function or display sleep should be added (through firmware please!). The display should automatically go to sleep after a user-selectable number of seconds like 10, 20, 30, or 60.   If burn-in isn't really seeming like a problem, I'll just leave the display on until...
My new Fiio E7 arrived today and it powers on ok, and everything seems to be working accept the USB connection to my MacBook. It charges but audio is not being passed to the E7/headphones. Any Mac users know some tricks to get this going?  Must be something simple I'm missing, I hope. Thanks!   *edit. Found it in sound output settings and also silentlight's thread. Sorry! Feel free to close this.
Can anyone recommend a pair of good computer desktop speakers to work with the E9 for around $200?? Anyone have experience driving speakers with the E9?
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