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I thought the E15 was going to be a desktop DAC and Amp in one unit. Not just a DAC?
Why? Have you tried it with old jazz recordings that have extreme separation of R/L? I've read from many others that really like it.       
I feel like they've got to come back down there sooner or later. They were down there at this time last year for quite a while. I keep checking practically every day. Now Amazon doesn't even have the 2000 in stock.    
Well I really want to try it regardless. Seen some others say they really like it, including in this review: (granted that's not the micro amp).
I'm planning on getting the HD650 and Micro Amp in a couple weeks for all the reasons you mentioned. I've exchanged several emails with Jorge at HeadRoom and he's very responsive and helpful and his service alone has pretty much sold me on trying any of their products. I'm very happy with the carrying case/bag I ordered from them earlier this year. I'm also excited to try the crossfeed as I listen to some old jazz recordings that I bet could benefit.    
I'm thinking about ordering these on amazon soon. Does anyone know if the infamous paint chipping problem has been fixed on recent batches?
PM sent.
Isn't the OHM rating stamped on the plug on these?
No wonder the Amazon prices have been jacked up for so long. 
So it sound like Fiio needs to build an all in one E9-E10 device for about $200! I would be very interested in such a product.
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