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I wonder if the new gold plugs will fix that. Seems like they can't make up their minds with their product line. Changing the graphics, changing the plugs, changing the names now.
Does it have the new gold plug that Fiio tweeted about today?
Headroom manages it in their Bithead and Airhead. You're right though that crossfeed is rare, unfortunately. Practical Devices also uses it and they aren't terribly expensive.
Selling my Astro Gaming A40 Mixamp. Excellent condition. Everything included (cables, manuals, box). Also throwing in a nice 12 foot optical toslink cable. Send Dolby Headphone surround to your headphones from your Xbox 360, PS3, or PC. Also includes inputs for your gaming mic and mp3 players. Price is $110 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!
I recently picked up a Yamaha RX-V667 receiver on Cyber Monday which has Silent Cinema (Yamaha's version of Dolby Headphone). I was specifically in the market for a new receiver that had Dolby Headphone so I could do away the hassle of getting my Astro MixAmp out every time I wanted to game in the living room with my AD700s. I read several opinions that preferred Silent Cinema to Dolby Headphone so I went with it.    Anyway, when I used to game with my AD700 and the...
Any news on the E15?
I still use my AD700s for gaming but finally got sick and tired enough of the squeaking sounds they would make when I move my head and decided to do something about it. It's very easy to fix and only takes a few minutes. Just grab a toothbrush and some white lithium grease. Dab a small amount on the brush and work the grease into all of the little cracks and crevices and moving parts you can find. Wipe off the excess with a paper towel, and voila! Silent headphones! An...
and you still haven't received it?? Who did you order from? Can anyone with a new one post a picture? I'd like to see the next Bass graphic.
Ha! That is great. I'll post my pics and impressions of the srh940 pads soon. 
Well if you don't mind, a close up shot to see the ear pads better would be great as well as the headband (top and bottom). Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: