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I would also be afraid to whip out some of those you listed on a train. Too fragile and big. I'd go with something far more durable and compact like the Shure SRH840/940 or ATH M50.
Quadruple bump for the difference between Fiio's products? Dude, they are spelled out on Fiio's official website and in numerous reviews online.
I've come really close to buying a HeadRoom amp many times as I really want to try their crossfeed. I think I would really enjoy it for a lot of the jazz I listen to it. HOWEVER, as some have already mentioned, I feel they are just way behind the curve on design aesthetics. I think the Total Bithead, just on reputation alone of their products and them as a company in general would blow away the similarly priced competition, if only it didn't look like a dated, plastic...
If they're too big, maybe the XB300 pads would fit better. Not really sure why these would be much more or less or comfortable though.
The volume dial causes noise too?
My M50s were purchased in December of 2010 and I used them with the factory ear pads for about 10 months or so before I really started looking for alternatives. I use these mostly at work and some days for about 5 or 6 hours. The pads had started to show minor cracking on the main surface and were losing their plushness and softness. Most importantly for me at the time however was that I just wanted something that felt softer and cooler around my ears and on my skin. The...
I think the Beats are like the best headphones I've ever tried   [[SPOILER]]  
I wonder if the new gold plugs will fix that. Seems like they can't make up their minds with their product line. Changing the graphics, changing the plugs, changing the names now.
Does it have the new gold plug that Fiio tweeted about today?
Headroom manages it in their Bithead and Airhead. You're right though that crossfeed is rare, unfortunately. Practical Devices also uses it and they aren't terribly expensive.
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