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Brown looks so much better. We have enough black headphones.
  You saw the Sennheiser Momentum at the Apple store? In black? I didn't think either of these were a thing...
Ok glad they're not the 9-10 that most are. Wouldn't make much sense to be a portable can any longer than 5 feet really. The distance from my pocket to my head is all I need to cover! :)
How long are the cables?
Yes. The 7100 to me looks like they had about 15 cooks in the kitchen and they tried to squeeze in a little of each one's ideas.   K550 looks ok, not aggressively bad. Somewhat understated throwback look.   The Momentum looks awesome in my opinion. Classy, grown up. Like they achieved exactly what they meant with it. Ultimately none of this matters I guess, but do the 7100s really sound so much better than the 7000 to warrant their price?   I mean, the way...
I've been away from headphones/head-fi for a while. Came back here tonight, discovered the Senn Mometnums and AKG K550, got kinda excited, found out about this new Denon line and the death of D2, 5, and 7K and now I feel my soul has been crushed. I've been holding out of the D5k for so long, and then this happens? I hope this new line is a total failure and I wouldn't be surprised if it is. I mean, $1300 for this thing? Do they really think people paying these prices for...
There's been basically no talk of it for some time now and I'm wondering if 3 revisions in the few months it's been out has essentially killed any interest or confidence in the product.
Nevermind. It was Audinst.
Is the newest batch in stores yet? If we order now, can we expect revision 3?
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