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Dave, really appreciate you doing this incredible review and answering all these questions but please get back to work and listen to those HE400s some more. 
Just received this little thing from Micca on Amazon. I should have read the review more closely as the inability to hold the volume buttons down is annoying. The clip on mine also seems rather weak (I'm going to see if tightening that little screw helps). I bought the thing out of morbid curiosity more than anything since it's so cheap. Switching the bass boost on or off gives an audible blip of static in the left channel most of the time. I'll keep it because it will...
HE-400...By Christmas Day! Ahh but I may want them FOR Christmas!
Are these true leather or are they pleather? Also do they come with the velours now or do I have to order separate. And finally, people that have used both, do you feel they are $150 better than the DT880?
  Well I've done it a couple times myself (not on headphones) through their web chat support. So perhaps YMMV.
  I think Amazon will refund you the difference within 30 days if the price drops again so keep watching it. I'm trying to decide between those, the HE400, and DT880. The DT880 is only like $240 and I'm wondering if the extra $160-200+ is really worth it (I doubt it?). One thing that really attracts me to the DT880 is the one time I tried the DT770 Pro, it was like God-tier comfortable.
I'm looking for a desktop amp to use with my PC that will allow me to keep headphones plugged in and my Audioengine A2 speakers plugged in that has an output switch to go between the two. The Audioengine D1 would be perfect if it only had an output switch. I don't want to have to unplug the headphones every time I want to switch to speakers. Any ideas? I see amp/DACs like the Tubemagic D1 with an INPUT switch but nothing with an actual ouput switch for people using only...
I can't believe I missed the HD650 deal. I even had them in my cart with discount applied but I didn't think it would be that short.
Looked for these at the Apple store and didn't find them. Mostly just Beats crap.
Are there any good places left to get a new pair of the D5000? Amazon has nothing left and there's nothing on J&R. This is soul crushing. I never ended having a chance to get these and now I have to pray for a used pair, which will be more and more rare now.
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