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It's not just you. See my post a few pages back and the person after me. had the all black 880 and 990 Premium at the same time a few weeks ago, both brand new. The gray 990 pads were definitely more comfortable.
Oh I was just talking about the earlier post about the Beyer DT880 being ranked #220. I am saying it's probably not a reliable ranking.
I doubt the average long time Head-fier would say there are 219 headphones better than the Beyers. Come on now.
 I've been visiting this site for years and this is the first time I even realized there was a "rankings" list here.
I ended up returning the DT880 and ordered the 990. After a day of A/B-ing I prefer the 990. It sounds more similar to the HE400 sound I'm used to. The 880 was quite nice don't get me wrong but I just simply didn't enjoy it as much. I also feel like the 990 brings everything to the table that the 880 does and then some. That extra bass and treble can be EQ'd down if someone feels it's too much. I enjoy the slightly larger soundstage too. Interestingly, the 990 box did have...
That's just strange. One of us had a serial number sticker. Two of us did not. Did your box have a security seal/sticker on it? Ours did not.Do you have all the all black premium edition?
 Do your headphones have a serial number sticker above the right ear cup? I received mine from Focus Camera (authorized seller according to Beyer) and they do not, although another head-fier that just bought from them does. I'm planning on returning them.
I couldn't pass up this deal to join the DT880 club. These are new too.  
Thinking of setting aside my HE400 for a new set of T90. I enjoy the sound of the HE400 but I've had a love hate relationship for years because of their comfort, or total lack thereof. A lot of people have always complained of treble spike and sibilance in the HE400 but it's never bothered me. Would I expect then to enjoy the high end on the T90 as well or more?
Hello,   Is that a small scratch on the headband above the first "N" or a piece of fuzz?   *edit. Nevermind, sorry just saw you're in UK.   Thanks!
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