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Do you guys leave your D1 turned on? Know of any problems doing this? For some reason if I turn off my D1 while music is playing and turn it back on, I have to restart whatever application is playing music, whether it's iTunes, Spotify, etc.. It won't start playing again until the app is restarted as if it's stuck in pause mode.
Well, first and last time I ever try to use Massdrop. What a waste.
 The paint chipping/fading problem.
Do recent builds of the HD650 still have the paint chipping/fading problem?
FuzzyD   Computer desktop audio/speakers!
 This is top-tier creative thinking. Love it!
Just ordered the VSD1S in what sounds like basically new condition from another head-fier for $30. Looking forward to trying these out. *They arrived this afternoon and I've had them in for about 3 hours and wow I'm really enjoying them. I can't believe I only paid $30 for what I'm hearing. I've never owned decent IEMs before so these will be a nice on the go pair. I can't exactly throw my HE400 in my book bag like I will be with these!
Same Same. Just wait until iOS 8 has its music player renamed "Beats" and you can't you delete it. I'll be done with the iPhone at that point.
The "Apple products are just fashion accessories" crowd is going to love this.
 They are real leather but they were handmade by a guy that was making pads for a few different headphones and he is no longer (or not currently) making them.
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