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There's someone on Amazon selling the 2.0 named boat2014. Anyone know if this is a legit seller? He is Prime eligible.
Same Same. Just wait until iOS 8 has its music player renamed "Beats" and you can't you delete it. I'll be done with the iPhone at that point.
The "Apple products are just fashion accessories" crowd is going to love this.
 They are real leather but they were handmade by a guy that was making pads for a few different headphones and he is no longer (or not currently) making them.
 They are the J$ Beyerdynamic pads.  It's just stick-on weatherstripping from Home Depot. Check out my first post about them.
I cut a new piece of foam for my headband to fit a little better and I think look a little nicer. Really happy with this easy, cheap, and comfortable mod.    
 It's just weatherstrip so it's peel and stick. I actually cut a different piece about an inch shorter than that photo so it doesn't "hang" off the sides where the headband narrows. I used this for 2 or 3 hours today and I'm not sure why but this manages to be even more comfortable than the Beyer pad to me. *I knew about the Sennheiser mod but it seems more than what's necessary to me. Also velcro isn't as seamless as a direct stick. With this weather stripping you barely...
Thought I would share my little headband mod. I was never quite happy with the thin padding in the headband. I used the Beyerdynamic pad for a while but it just looked so clunky since only the outside buttons could snap. This was my quick and easy $3 solution. There are various sizes/thicknesses at the hardware store to choose from.    
  I don't like this to be honest. And it's nothing like Kate's music.
Cecile McLorin Salvant. Probably the most stunning voice I've heard in years. She's only 23.        Another favorite is Kate Miller Heidke. She is the best voice in pop music and America has no idea who she is. She's a classically trained opera singer that left the opera to make more modern music. Incredible voice. Great song writer. She also plays instruments which is something most pop stars have never heard of. I could post 20 of her songs. Just go check...
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