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With the new beta, using DAC function on my Macbook Pro doesn't seem so broken now. I'll update if things change, but it seems to be improved. I was actually able to plug in my X7 without distortion on startup.
DAC connectivity on Mac OSX seems to have gone down the drain at least for me. I noticed when using the X7 as a DAC on my Macbook Pro, it's harder to get it working properly. I need to plug, unplug, and/or reset my X7. Otherwise, the sound cuts out. It seems to be the same as before when I run the Windows 10 partition on my Macbook...
Ah, I see how that could be annoying. 
I've never actually messed with gapless before. Does it really ruin your listening experience if you can't have it?
 How do you feel about using balanced with IEMs, though? Isn't it kinda overkill? The AM2 already has a noticeable drop over the AM1 in battery life. I have the AM3 too, but I use it mostly with my HD 650's when I'm attached to my laptop.
Okay, I spoke too soon. Still crashes and clipping. It just happens less often... 
It sounds better than the X7 with the K5, but obviously not as good as the X7 attached to the Valhalla. For a mobile setup, it's pretty good. I usually have the volume around 55 with high gain for AM3 balanced with HD 650. On another note, I've been testing out the DAC function with the 3.0.10 beta FW. I haven't heard any skipping or experienced any restarts/shut downs. I think we might be closing in on a stable release! Hype! Also, the graphic for DAC mode looks cool.
Oh, I forgot to add that sometimes the X7 shuts down instead of restarting. This is starting to bother me to the point that I think I'm going to take a break from using the X7 as a DAC. I don't want to risk listening to music in the library, and then the X7 shuts down with my laptop reverting to its speakers. That's suicide.  Or like...when people in the house are sleeping, the X7 could shut down and revert to blasting music on the TV that's connected to my laptop via HDMI...
I changed cables, but it's not helping. I'm still getting random restarts. There's also a good amount of clipping that tends to happen as well. This doesn't happen often enough that I want to roll back, but I hope the next release is a little more stable.
 I'm am running on Windows 10. I've tried with both 44.1 kHz/24 bits and 192 kHz/24 bits. The former was supposed to be 16 bits, but the X7 always reports it at 24.  Yes, I meant the X7 restarts on its own. I'm on 3.0.9 beta. I will see if changing the cables helps.
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