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Anyone use the UM Pro 50 with the 2nd generation X5? I have the 1st generation and am wondering if there is any noticeable difference. It already sounds good as is. I will probably wait for the X7 instead, though.    Btw, I had the pleasure of trying out tons of IEMs and even some headphones at an awesome audio store in South Korea (shoutout to Scheherazade in Apgujeong). I feel like I definitely made the right choice with the UM Pro 50. With the regular W series, the...
Still not sure if it's placebo or not, but I find that the Fiio X5 EQ mentioned earlier in this thread sounds better to me than the default sound using the silver cable. With the default cable, I preferred no EQ. Using the EQ, I can definitely see how the "veil" went away.
I got my silver cable back from Ted today in the mail. It is oxidized since I had it a while back with my Westone 4R. I would like to believe there is some extension, but that could just be placebo. Either way, I am fine with it as I mostly need a stronger cable for security. I do stupid things like take my UM Pro 50 to the gym.
It's interesting to read the comments about silver cables. I actually have a cable that I used for the Westone 4R, but I recently decided to have Ted switch out the connects so I could use it with my UM Pro 50. Hopefully it should be coming in the mail soon. It will take a while since I am currently studying abroad in South Korea...
It would be hilarious if the X5 improved engine sound quality too.
 Apparently the X5 just wanted to take a nap for a while. It's working again! Yay!
 I held the power button for at least 20 seconds and that didn't seem to do anything. So I did the same thing with the reset button and then hit the power button on afterward. It surprisingly worked. Now that I think of it, I might have had this issue with the X3 before. I'm not sure why it happened. I am using the default UI. I was using the X5 in DAC mode the entire day. I couldn't have done anything with the firmware because it wasn't doing anything with a regular...
I have had to use my X3 since my X5 is apparently bricked. I already miss the X5's sound signature. The X3 is just. ..missing something.
My X5 just died on me. It was working fine in DAC mode connected to my laptop earlier. So I turned off the laptop and tried to turn it on to use as a standalone player since I was heading out. Nothing will come on. I tried charging it for a bit, and I tried hitting the reset button... 
 Hmmm...I tried it out, and it didn't quite blow my mind like I expected it. Maybe I have funny ears. I even tried listening to some EDM stuff since that's what twister is into. I'll try out the EQ for a little bit longer.
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