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I have an AM3 on the way with Fiio's 50% discount along with a balanced cable being made by headphonelounge for my HD 650s. I can't wait to try it out! 
 I buy almost all of my electronics online. Anything available offline in Hawaii would probably be noticeably more expensive due to the high cost of living + importing stuff. If you started selling Fiio stuff in Costco, I'd check it out. Haha! Costco is one of the few affordable places to shop at here.
Hmmm...so would you recommend the AM3 or AM5 for the HD 650? I'm guessing AM3 might be better if I get a balanced cable.
Is there a noticeable difference between AM2 and AM3 for IEMs? I'm liking AM2, but I'm wondering if AM3 will provide any real improvement. I might it's not hard to drive my UM Pro 50s, but I figure there may be a change in sound signature...
I notice the sound cutting out in the middle of a song while listening to Spotify. I know this can be simply the app's fault, but I have been noticing it more lately.   Also, please address the Google Play issues, Fiio. :(
The FW updater stopped acting like a punk. I am on 2.0 now. I think there is a slight change in SQ. I could be lying. Edit: I'm still getting the Google Play crashes too. Argh! Bob Saget! Yes, I've done cache wipes.
I am having trouble updating my FW. I keep on getting a notification saying the update is invalid. Maybe the connection is just bad...
Is it possible to improve the X7's bluetooth audio quality through firmware, or is that purely a hardware restriction? I hope so because I'd like to use my X7 instead of my cell phone for music while working out.
Oops, wrong thread.
 Oh man, what a tease... 
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