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 Hmmm...I tried it out, and it didn't quite blow my mind like I expected it. Maybe I have funny ears. I even tried listening to some EDM stuff since that's what twister is into. I'll try out the EQ for a little bit longer.
 What a coincidence. I just received the Fiio X5 in the mail today and was looking to see if anyone in this thread has the same combo of X5/Pro 50. I haven't messed with the EQ yet, though. For now, I'm just trying to get used to the sound signature. It's good to know other people like it too. 
I just got the Fiio X5 in the mail today. I own a X3 too, but I was curious about the sound signature of the X5. Also, my X3 had issues with occasionally skipping in DAC mode, and I think I fried something in the X3 by using crappy USB cable by accident. It can't transfer files through USB anymore.   Anyway...the sound signature does seem a little different, but I'm not sure if it's better or worse. At the very least, I have a less broken player.
I still switch back between the PRO 50s and the W4Rs as a sanity check. They're both good in their own ways, but the PRO 50s are way more comfortable.
Well, whether is was burn-in or my ears/head becoming less messed up, my UM Pro 50's appeared to have evened out. It really did take about 3 weeks for burn-in if that's what fixed it. I am liking the sound now. I guess I won't return it anymore. If there is a problem later, I can take advantage of the warranty. I should be back in the USA next year.
If I decide to keep my Pro 50's a little longer, I don't think I want to keep on listening to them. If anything, I guess I'll burn them in by playing them through my Fiio X3 while I sleep.   If I end up getting a different IEM, I might get the overpriced Shure IEMs instead of the W60...
Hmmmm...I find that I'm not liking the Pro 50's as much as I wanted to. Besides the issue I described, it seems that oomph it provides is a bit much. My Westone 4R's seem like an overall much safer option that works with all genres. I listen to a variety of music so I really don't like to constantly switch out IEM's.    Someone suggested to just get the W60. I might do that...but I need to mentally convince myself that it's a good idea first.
I just visited the Lotte Mall at Jamsil (Seoul), South Korea. There were a lot of headphones and IEMs in their electronics store. They had a bunch of Westone IEMs, along with Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser headphones. I was pleasantly surprised. Granted, buying online is a cheaper option, but at least the gear is getting some exposure here.
I think I need to just have some people other people listen to my IEMs to verify whether or not I am going insane. It would be a nice if I knew any audiophiles here, particularly someone who has actually tried the UM Pro 50's.   I think the sound is starting to even out now, but maybe that's my confused brain. I will give them a few more days before I seriously start to return them. 
There were no obstructions. I bought it new....   Anyway, I tried burning it over night. I _think_ the left side is getting better, but it might just be wishful thinking. An imbalance is still there. It's a shame since I have the Westone 2 and Westone 4R, but I have not experienced this before. Going back to the 4R doesn't feel right anymore because it lacks the "oomph" that the Pro 50's seem to least out of the right side. It makes me all kinds of paranoid...
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