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I've given in. I pulled the trigger on the AM2. I feel so dirty...but hopefully there is actually is a difference for me.
 Ah, so you've actually used the AM2 with the UM Pro 50? I might take the plunge with this then...
Do any of you use amplification with the UM Pro 50s? I am curious about this because I notice some people using the AM2 over the AM1 for the X7 even with their IEMs. I wonder if that is really necessary for these IEMs. I hooked up the UM Pro 50s to the K5, and I didn't notice any improvement.
 Mark.II?!  Anyway, what's important is that it's working now. I'm listening to my X7 as I type this out. It feels good to be reunited. I still sometimes wonder if my IEMs would sound better with the AM2. There's no place locally where I can try out an AM2, and I don't know any audiophiles nearby who own an AM2 (or an X7 for that matter).  AM5 would probably be nice, but I need to see some comparisons to the K5. I am personally not content with the K5, and it's not because...
No healthy backends! Sheesh, sounds like a personal problem!   Anyway, my replacement amp technically arrived in the mail today, but it's registered, so I have to go to the post office tomorrow morning to sign for it. Argh...always this situation in my apartment building. I'll be back on the cool kids club soon enough.
 I actually had to send in my cable recently because the barrel near the jack was going loose. Ted fixed it and I just received the silver cable in the mail today. During the wait period, I had some time to go back to the stock cables on my UM Pro 50 IEMs. The difference in sound quality is there. The simple way to describe it is a "fuller sound." This is especially noticeable in the low end. The UM Pro 50s naturally have some bass kick to them, but I think the silver litz...
 My body is ready. I am looking forward to seeing how the AM3 and AM5 can drive the HD 650s.
 Do you get to test these with the AM2? I sent in my AM1 to Fiio, so I've been without an X7 to use for a few weeks now. I'm going through withdrawal here, and I might get the AM2 if it really is better for what I have.
 I thought it was just them being cheap as opposed to caring about versatility.  I mean now they get to make a little more money off a higher-powered amp. If the X7 came with the AM2, would a lot of people really go out of their way to get the AM1?
Hmmm...the UM Pro 50 is supposed to be 45 ohms, which might make it more suitable for AM2. Perhaps my perception of what's "properly driven" is messed up, and I just haven't heard the UM Pro 50s with proper amplification. I understand it's not just about being loud. I connected the X7 to the K5 and listened to it with my IEMs, and I actually liked the sound straight out of the X7 better. 
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