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 That's an issue that I've brought up, and it's actually on the Bugzilla forum. I'm not sure if they'll do something about it, though.
After listening to 3.0 for some time, it confirmed what I said about the veil being gone. I like the sound, but I haven't tried out 2.14 so I don't have as much to whine about. Someone else brought up the category > artist being the same as the browse files option. That needs to be fixed. I can no longer listen to all of the songs by one group/artist at once.   On the upside, the issue with Korean text being displayed as blocks when the language is set to English has...
I figured I'd check out head-fi before taking my X3 and heading to the gym. Luckily, the new FW was out so I loaded it up. The sound quality has definitely changed! It sounds as if the veil has been removed. I'm not sure why the category option doesn't load any files, but it works with the browse option. I'll give more impressions when I get back.   Man...I almost considered selling the X3 too.
I don't know about you guys, but I like to have 20+ tabs open on Chrome for one monitor, a computer game running on the second monitor, and a HD movie running on the third monitor/TV to keep others entertained. The TV plays the movie audio, and I have Foobar configured to run music through my headphone setup. Finally, Folding@Home uses the remaining CPU/GPU power!   It's the only way to justify my 16 GB of ram...yeah, that's it.
 I guess we'll just have to be Joe then.
Oh no, not this again.  I will eventually need a new cable, though. I keep on running over it with my chair.
 That made my day. I didn't know about them. They look so happy in that first video!
 I personally find the brightness of Valhalla enough for me to not want more treble. In fact, during the burn-in period, some of the highs were piercing my ears. I think I just wasn't used to the level of detail that my current setup provides over my previous one.
I am going out of state for spring break and will be leaving my HD 650s behind. Ugh...I'm not looking forward to the one-week withdrawal. Someone pray for me... :(
I love how Orange Caramel can be so dorky, yet so hot at the same time. The 4minute MV was nice, but I think the song is just so-so. 
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