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Is it possible to improve the X7's bluetooth audio quality through firmware, or is that purely a hardware restriction? I hope so because I'd like to use my X7 instead of my cell phone for music while working out.
Oops, wrong thread.
 Oh man, what a tease... 
AM2 seems to be driving my HD 650s pretty well. Does anyone prefer the AM5 over the AM2 for these headphones?   Edit: spelling...derp
I've been using the AM2 with my X7 and HD 650s. I feel that the AM2 does a better job at driving the HD 650s than the K5. Good job on the AM2, but it kinda invalidates the K5 as long as I'm plugged into a computer. I don't think I'm going to use the K5 anymore...   I hope Fiio develops a cool tube amp in the future. Something that could compete with the Schiit Valhalla would be nice.
I have been using the AM2 with the UM Pro 50s (see sig for full chain). It is pretty good. I did not do serious volume matching or blind testing with the AM1, but I like what I hear. Slap on a Dignis case, and it looks good too.
I got the AM2 in the mail today. Not sure if I want to use any of the stickers, but it's nice to see options are there. As for the sound, there is a difference, but it wasn't as big as I expected. I think there's a little more oomph going on in the lower end. It's not ginormous, but it's there...at least for my ears and equipment.   I'll listen some more and see if my impressions change. The change in sound between AM1 and AM2 isn't so drastic that I'd want to completely...
I've given in. I pulled the trigger on the AM2. I feel so dirty...but hopefully there is actually is a difference for me.
 Ah, so you've actually used the AM2 with the UM Pro 50? I might take the plunge with this then...
Do any of you use amplification with the UM Pro 50s? I am curious about this because I notice some people using the AM2 over the AM1 for the X7 even with their IEMs. I wonder if that is really necessary for these IEMs. I hooked up the UM Pro 50s to the K5, and I didn't notice any improvement.
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