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 I had an issue with the sound cutting out because the connectors themselves were slightly too long. I fixed it by heating that area to loosen the around the connectors and push it in.
I've been using a balanced silver II cable made by Ted for my X7 -> AM3 -> HD 650 setup. It sounds pretty good for something that can be portable. Can't really provide much feedback other than things sound less muffled. Then again, this could just be the extra juice provided from the balanced setup vs. single ended with the X7.
 Are you getting this problem with the X7 as a regular player or a DAC? Both?
 I got my balanced silver cables for my HD 650 from Headphone Lounge. Even the silver cables are cheaper than the Moon Audio cables.
I got my balanced cable fixed and sent back to me. After trying out the HD 650 balanced with AM3 for a week, I'm pretty content with the sound. This is my first time even using balanced, so I can't really compare it to any other balanced configuration. For the SE input with my UM Pro 50, I think I prefer the AM2 over the AM3, but the AM3 isn't bad either. The UM Pro 50 doesn't require much amplification, so it's mostly a matter of sound signature. When I'm lazy, I just...
I have a silly question: does stuff like Viper4Android only work while using the X7 alone, or does it also work when the X7 is used as a DAC attached to a computer?
 Yes, it is a 2.5mm connector. I had the person who made it look at the Fiio specifications before making it. I guess I'll have to send it in to get it fixed. Edit: I can get sound if I bend it at the shrink. Probably gotta send it in to get it fixed anyway. Edit 2: Going to provide some quick feedback on the sound since I can get both channels by holding the shrink at an outward angle. I like the sound. I am not sure about major bassheads, but I personally think there is...
I got a custom balanced cable for my HD 650s, so I was excited to finally getting around to trying it at midnight. The problem I have is that only the right channel works. Is this a cable issue or an AM3 issue? Is there something really simple that I'm overlooking? It's plugged all the way in...   With that said, I like the way it sounds...at least out of one ear. On the SE side, it works fine with my earphones. I really wish I could jump on the balanced hype train,...
I have an AM3 on the way with Fiio's 50% discount along with a balanced cable being made by headphonelounge for my HD 650s. I can't wait to try it out! 
 I buy almost all of my electronics online. Anything available offline in Hawaii would probably be noticeably more expensive due to the high cost of living + importing stuff. If you started selling Fiio stuff in Costco, I'd check it out. Haha! Costco is one of the few affordable places to shop at here.
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