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Oh man, I finally replaced my pads after 5 years. I didn't know pads were supposed to feel so different! Probably should have changed them out 2 years ago...
Jeez, I don't even know any audiophiles in my city. I'm sure they exist, but what are the odds of finding someone with just a regular Bifrost? Haha. I really don't want to just throw it away, though. It did serve me well...
By the way, I guess the upgrade to Bifrost Multibit ended up with Schiit packaging what's probably the Bifrost Uber board. Do people actually buy these things? I mean it's not 4490, so it's already outdated. Do I just toss this?
 I keep on hearing about how amazing the Bottlehead Crack is. I wish I could try it out. I can't exactly make it. In fact, I haven't had access to this setup much because I've been traveling. Kinda scared to bring it along in my luggage. TSA might think it's a bomb...
I've finally gotten around to upgrading my Bifrost Uber to Bifrost Multibit after owning it for 3 years. I can't exactly do an A/B test to tell the differences between the two, but it sounds pretty fabulous! As much as I'd like to upgrade from my Valhalla, I don't know if the 2 would be worth it. 
X7 (DAC) -> Schiit Valhalla -> HD 650 is pretty fab too. I'll see how the X7's DAC compares to the Schiit Bifrost Multibit hopefully by the end of this week (in the shop getting upgraded).
I guess the DAC function is still clunky on the latest beta FW. I left it on for a while and went out while my Macbook was off. Then I came back and turned on the laptop with my X7 still on. Both OSX and Windows 10 couldn't put out sound until I restarted the X7.
I haven't tried the AM5, but the AM3 balanced is decent with the HD 650.
With the latest firmware, music scan on the regular player takes a long time. It has never been this slow for me in previous firmware.
With the new beta, using DAC function on my Macbook Pro doesn't seem so broken now. I'll update if things change, but it seems to be improved. I was actually able to plug in my X7 without distortion on startup.
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