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I also was into R/C cars, and the LiPo's used in R/C cars are different to the ones used in general electrics, for 1 if you discharge a LiPo that goes into a R/C car it won't charge back up, and 2 they can set on fire pretty easy  
They still need a few discharges and charges to reach max performance
Unfie, you can use random play anywhere, easiest is to go into songs, play 1 then click the blue bar at the top, click the 2nd option on the dropdown bar, and then click on the 2nd option on the next drop down bar, and now you have random on  
Ive never had a problem with MM and album art, I did however have a problem with 2 albums and there tags once I synced it with the J3 (wasn't a problem on the Fuze or Clip+) MP3Tag sorted it though, but Ive only used it since 3.6 (cause I got my copy cheap)
  Use another Hard drive/folder and MediaMonkey?, then you got 2 library's, and 2 management systems, 1 for iPod, and 1 for Cowon
I also had the 6th gen Classic (all though its really the 1st gen), and the sound is a lot, lot better on the Cowon, heck I think it sounds better then the S:Flo2, also for protection I use a black rubber/silicon case off ebay
Well even after alittle while of listening, I can say it does sound better then the S:Flo2 (more bass, detail and just a better sound overall) so I'm really happy
Well my J3 came today, which supprissed me after hearing and reading about how bad the delivery company was, anyway haven't had time to listen to it yet, but its very nice to hold and use, gotta wait untill the battery is fully charged so I can upgrade the FW, was gonna wait untill xMas to use it, but couldn't wait
Glad you made the right decision
Well it's getting wrapped up with my new earphones for xMas, otherwise I wouldn't have anything on the day lol
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