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I received these earphones just before Christmas and haven't used them much. They were bought from amazon. I can include the original amazon receipt if needed. It includes all the accessories and also comes with guarantee from the manufacturers(3 years). I have also burned them in so they are at their best. These are like new. They have only been kept in their pouch so no scratches. RRP for new is around £150. These are genuine earphones. If you want to see the...
how??   thanks  
I have changed the settings to this:   135- normal-0 385-narrow-9 1.4-wide-12 3-narrow-7 13-wide-2   BBE 10 Mbass 10 3dbass 10 MP on SE 6 rev off       comments? suggestions for improvement?
I understand the mids and the lows, but can you still tell me the exact frequencies to go with hip hop, rap and rock. I use TF10   thanks
It's hard to tell. But i looked at the magnet thing for the pouch and i dont have it on mine. So, maybe mine is real. But then there is a number "rm 172xxx" on the white slide out cover and there is a different number "rm 176xxx" on the black box itself. Does that mean anything? Also, the clip where you hang it on the shelf on a hook stick out from the middle of the box.   thanks alot
Could you tell me the specific values for the frequency and stuff? I am still pretty new at this. thanks  
anyone? sorry for bumping so much
can anyone tell me if they are real  by referring to the pictures posted above.                                                                                                                                                      thanks
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