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Get 007 mk1. but don't get confused if you use them more then 009. I've heard it all way up to Orpheus. mk1 is the best headphone ever done. And yeah they are Romantic. 
They sound wonderful! 
The koss does not sound as good as the staxs.   And don't get 507!
if you have buy NEW. buy 307 or 407. 
Yeah it's already destroyed 
Lambda nova signature/classic has the least etch of the lambdas (i've heard) they sound way nicer then 800's. 
don't get 507! u will be back at 800's fatiguing sound! Get either Stax Lambda Nova signature/classic if you want a airy electrostatic hp. it's more even sounding then many other lambdas. You could also go for the mk1's they got more air then your lcd's. 
yeah. i pretty much have the best 009 
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