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I checked out on the threads again, and they speak highly of LCD2 with my Meier DAC AMP set up, I definitely think that it's going to be a great combo Speaking of my experience at the meet, certainly the set up in the centre of the room was mind blowing. The fact that the same LCD2 sounds different with different system leaves me a lot to think of and to learn. The pleasant shock from this system reminded me of the time when I first heard from a proper set up and made up...
Thank you Currawong for bringing your wonderful gears and being so generous with your knowledge. I have learnt a lot from you and other head-fiers, and really enjoyed LCD-2.   I'm doing more research in here, any quality up to LCD-2 is what I'm always looking for. But I'm not sure of the Balanced set up, it does require quite a commitment and budget to have the whole process complete.
Many thanks for Amos and Vincent for the meet, I learnt a lot from the meet and have found more directions to progress. It was a lovely meet.
Hi Guys,   I'm quite new to Audio world, too, and am a reader in this forum, this is my 1st post   If you still have room for more people, can I come in and join you? I'm looking forward to more exposure and wider knowledge in Audio technology.   I have AKG K701, which navii has already got, I can bring another pair..., and Etymotic ER4P/4S,   I'll be training to Circular Quay.    
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