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Unboxing video
I just received mine. I like how it sounds from Clip+ and from HeadStreamer.   Strong bass, very prone to casual listening, gym time, maybe noise environments (not really sure because I'm testing at home, but isolation seems to be enough).   But I mine's finish is really bad on right earcup and the cable is a crap with major bad contact at all ends... so in fact I can't move with this headphone with the cable provided because one of the sides stop playing randomly.
someone mind to post a link?
lol, what?
Zagg deal is still on. Just got one wood.
Deals, please.
Just to make clear, why I said that. $100 is the normal price for 215s.    Earphonesolutions offers discounts through their newsletter, so you can have 215s for a little less many times per year.
 I think around $80 is the right price for 215s.
 There's even $429 plus shipping on Ebay.  I purchased from Gadgetclick before, I believe, 3 times. 3 Sansa Clips.
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