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 Yes, we have a good community here. Meetings are somewhat difficult due to Brazil being a huuuge country, but we could do some meetings and auditions through the last years. And the best is that since we are not very isolated here, we can share info and trade/sell items, so we are always able to keep the upgraditis disease fed and alive. =D
I'm from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.   Someting like 40% (yes, forty percent) of my international packages don't arrive. They simply are stolen or get "lost".   If the package contains clothes and you can tell by touching the package, make it 80%.   And yes, that's still cheaper than buying here through official retailers.
 Just to USA maybe.
The veil is a myth. Please don't fall for that. If you want a bright sound, go for another set. Or pair it to a really bright treblehead source. It isn't a matter of being correctly amped, but correctly paired. S2 HD650.
I'm still receiving e-mail notifications but seems like the topic is stuck at this post.Weird.Edit: posting may fixed the bug I had.
Deal breaker surely. I have 4 phonaks and the 232 is the most expensive and the one that feels more fragile. Enviado de meu XT1097 usando Tapatalk
It's showing 170 =(
Well, I can't purchase because the store aren't allowing international Paypal or international credit card payment.   I purchased from them before, that's sad =(
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