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Selling my JDS Labs C421 Black Edition, OPA2227 version. It had very little use and is in excellent condition, like new, without any scratches or marks. I charge it from time to time to keep the bettery in good condition.   This amp was one of the last units sold by JDS Labs, as I bought it after reading some reviews and opinions that it was a better sounding amp than the newer C5 amp, like at the Headfonia C5 review. It's a great sounding amp, powerfull but small in...
Hi,   I'm selling these Aurisonics ASG 1.2 IEMs due to the lack of use (as most of my portable gear). They're in good condition, just the cable turned a bit greenish due to oxidation (as usual with these cables). Included tips in the picture...   ***EDIT***: I forgot to mention that the original Aurisonics Otterbox case is also included (although it's not in the picture)...     The price is ***SOLD***, including shipping by registered mail to Europe with tracking...
My H-200 are also here! I gave them a quick listen as soon as took them out of the box, and from the breif contact I had, one word comes to mind about their sound: balanced! I can say I'm very impressed with their sound (H-100 haters and FR graph lovers can rest, as they're completely apart from the H-100), as they're fairly neutral and very detailed, and again, very well balanced across the frequency range. Build quality seems good, as they feel pretty solid and...
    I just saw the same in the news and it seems Chengdu was not severely hit. I also tried to contact Dr. Moulton just now, but he's not online atm..
ClieOS, since the C5 has an OPA2227, can you directly compare it to the c421-OPA2227 too, please? 
For those interested in the Head-Fi deal (limited to 100 units): http://www.head-fi.org/t/660213/t-peos-new-iem-h-200-released-preselling-limited-100-units
    Yes, I think so. 3 lines visibile in the jack are 4 poles and 2 lines are 3 poles...
    3 pole plug is for a normal L/R cable and 4 pole is for a cable with mic. So, the red one is your regular cable and the black the mic cable. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phone_connector_(audio)
    Which one will you buy, the 3 or the 4? 
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