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Anyone know how the Rag pairs with the Gungnir? I love my m/g stack with the LCD-3c, but it can get a little aggressive up top even with the classic drivers. I want to upgrade at some point, but not sure if it should be amp or dac first. I have no way of knowing if its the gungnir or mjolnir causing the slightly harsh highs.
Hi guys,   If anyone has a balanced hifiman cable for sale please let me know. Preferably 5ft+. Thank you and much appreciated.
 Between last night and today, I've put in about 6 hours of listening with the HOT and without. To my ears there is no discernible difference in the sound whatsoever. I'm not getting the out of head experience that sold me on it, smoother highs or more holographic sound. I ran it through the whole gambit. Rock, live Rock, Jazz, well recorded Bill Evans Trio albums, crazy stuff like Sufjan Stevens etc. Maybe my ears are failing me as I'm getting old and your mileage may...
I appreciate your bravery. Did you guys listen to it first before you tore it apart? I hope you didn't jump the gun like that, just for kicks at least. Well I'm no electrical engineer so those tear-downs don't do much for me, although at first glace it looked a little, um, sparse? Anyways I hope you're wrong. I can confirm it works, there is sound coming out of my headphones! That's a solid sign, right? Just breaking her in right now. We'll see how it goes when I fire up...
This thread is clearly tainted now, but for the non-conspiracy theorists out there here are a few pictures. I just got it today. If anyone without malicious intent wants to hear some impressions I can do that. I haven't posted on head-fi in a while, I've just been peacefully listening to my setup behind the scenes. Pleasure to be back. One thing that really pisses me off is snake oil and I'd be the first one in line to point it out when I see it.   
I remember being so surprised last February when I got my LCD-3s when I found out how bright they were. All I kept hearing about was how dark and sultry they were, but I don't hear them that way at all. I honestly don't find them any less bright than a pair of SA5000s, just a lot more meat on the bones and a night and day difference in bass. I'm also using a gung/mojo combo which contributes to the forward sound.
Does anyone know the impact on squeezebox touch users using the MOG app? Will this not be supported going forward? The thought of not having all the Grateful Dead Dick's Picks albums available at my disposal is heartbreaking.
Orgy - Candyass
If you're not listening to Sugarland and Lady Antebellum...   You should be
 I haven't really been around here since last February when I bought my 3s and the stack. Right when I dropped off I remember you anticipating that RWA amp/dac. How did that turn out?
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