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I remember being so surprised last February when I got my LCD-3s when I found out how bright they were. All I kept hearing about was how dark and sultry they were, but I don't hear them that way at all. I honestly don't find them any less bright than a pair of SA5000s, just a lot more meat on the bones and a night and day difference in bass. I'm also using a gung/mojo combo which contributes to the forward sound.
Does anyone know the impact on squeezebox touch users using the MOG app? Will this not be supported going forward? The thought of not having all the Grateful Dead Dick's Picks albums available at my disposal is heartbreaking.
Orgy - Candyass
If you're not listening to Sugarland and Lady Antebellum...   You should be
 I haven't really been around here since last February when I bought my 3s and the stack. Right when I dropped off I remember you anticipating that RWA amp/dac. How did that turn out?
It's hard for me to explain perfectly but I'll try. With the Schiit stack, the sound kind of projectiles into your ear. It doesn't cozy up, exchange pleasantries, and softly seep into your ears. It takes the music with amazing clarity and dynamics, and shoots it out of cannon into your skull. For instance I like to listen before I go to bed. This is not a good idea with the schiit, as they'll keep you up til 3am with adrenaline to spare. For me, I love this quality for...
 Don't grab the schitt then. If you're averse to the idea of aggression at all, stay far away. I like mine a lot though. YMMV
Stadium Arcadium was actually recorded quite well and I don't mind By the Way. Extremely enjoyable through my LCD-3 rig. However your're right about the early stuff. It's horrendous.
I said it before in this thread, but she's so incredible and deserving of another bump.   KT Tunstall
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