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 From my research, so far as i'm aware everything in the 6DJ8 family works with the Vali 2, which includes the 6DJ8 itself (aka ECC88 and 6H23), the 6922 (aka E88CC), the 7308 (aka E188CC), the 8223 (aka E288CC), and the CCa.  The 7v version of the 6D78, the 7DJ8 (aka PCC88), also works just fine with the Vali 2. My two most used tubes are both PCC88 tubes.There are few other tube families that work with the Vali 2, but the 6DJ8 family seems to be the most used one here.
 If you're looking for a nice fat rich sound that pairs well with the Vali2, Let me recommend the PSB M4U1 or NAD HP50 (almost the same headphone, sister companies, both cans designed by speaker wizard Paul Barton).  My NAD HP50s with a Philips PCC88 sourced off of a modi 2 is a magical combination.. The synergy is crazy good. Great compliment to my Senn HD650s which I tend to use with my '57 miniwatt PCC88.
so far as I know, Spotify uses Vorbis -q5 for normal stuff, and vorbis -q9 for premium.    Last time I tested (admitedly, probably half a decade ago) I couldn't ABX q4 from source, let alone q5. I could tell -q3 (~112kbps) on a few songs. q9, for me anyway, is complete overkill. I settled on -q5 for portable use.   I've since switched to AAC because I got an apple phone. I use q82 which is ~160kbps VBR. I am pretty sure this is overkill for me too.   At home, I do...
 I've got both the HP50s and the Sennheiser HD-650s, among others. They're not really very comparable sound-quality wise. The HP50s have great soundstage for closed phones, but can't match the 650s in that regard. Big lead by the 650s here. The 650s have great bass for (non-planar) open phones, but can't match the HP50s in that regard. Big lead by the HP50s here. They both have quality midrange, but the feel is very different. The HP50s are, as you might expect, more...
 Uh, it is true. Because that's what I hear (or, don't hear, as the case may be). High gain at "12 o'clock" and low gain at "4 o'clock" sound identical to me on my HD-650s.What is it that you think I'm supposed to be hearing? Because unless I've completely misunderstood Schiit's engineering goals with high/low gain, you're not supposed to hear any difference other than volume... and I don't.
My 32ohm NAD HP50s are too loud on high gain. So I use low gain. My 300ohm Senn HD-650s are too quiet on low gain. So I use high gain.   That's... that's pretty much about it. I can't really tell any difference in sound between high and low other than volume (and, unless I'm mistaken, you're not supposed to?)
 I've got a set of NAD VISO HP50s (and their "cousin" cans PSB M4U1 as well), and am really interested in the PM3s. Can you elaborate on the differences/similarities?
 Thanks for the impressions Rnros, I've got a modi 2 / Vali2 setup and am waiting for my turn with a loaner set. Knowing it plays well with the vali2 only makes me more excited. Got a '74 Ei Philips PCC88 and a '57 Herleen Miniwatt pinched waist PCC88 to try out. I'm really curious if it's gonna be the voodoo holographic soundstage on the Ei, or the delicate detailed Herleen, that "wins".
I'm a fan of the Philips PCC88 in the $20 -to- $45 range if you're using closed cans. They do a good job of voodooing up an impressive soundstage.
 Well, I've only got 3, but my pinched waist miniwatt PCC88 would be my choice of the 3 I have. I've heard very good things about the Bel E88CC/6922 as well.
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