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I'd bet vital organs that CAL pads fit these.
  Thanks, that's a great tool. Found out I listen to almost-no-DR music in a very quiet environment at 52dB SPL (assuming output voltage or a rockboxed ClipZip is 800mV), which I think is good.
Thalmor ambassy? 
I get what you're saying, but while it becomes more organized inside the thread, it causes confusion in the sub-forum. The parallel questions and answers you mentioned (Q2, A3, etc) aren't ideal and I see that in the in-ear recommendations thread, but since we have the quote option to avoid confusion as to whom the answer is directed it becomes a lesser evil. A good way to deal with duplicates, whichever method a forum uses, is to have a sticky (or first post in the...
  Completely agree. I participate in another smaller forum and it's much better to have a single recommendations thread. If someone else creates a new thread they get answered, but they are aso directed to the main thread. It just simplifies things: would you rather have a wallet for every coin you own or gather them all in a single wallet?
  Something like requesting people who are reselling to state so. If I want to pay more for something I should be allowed to. Head-Fi doesn't give me any assurances about my sales, they aren't eBay, if something goes wrong the most they can do is ban the other user. So if it all goes down between me and the other person, why should there be a restriction on selling stuff you bought cheaper? I'm fine with paying 70$ for something another user bought for 50$ if the street...
Comply foams might be a better match with the RE-Zeros if your goal is to cut the brightness or add some warmth. They also isolate better than the Hybrids.
I received Sonic Youth's album Goo a few months ago, which is very well recorded and mastered IMO. I ripped it with EAC and the log showed everything went well, so the files should be identical. I'll try playing the files and then the CD to see if I can hear differences. However I'll have to use Windows XP, which has no WASAPI support.
New Posts  All Forums: