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Mods were done by Don a while ago.  I believe some padding using felt?  and some of the Sound absorber material on the cups.  He would have to chime in for the exact mods.  Almost forgot but Also a 4 pin xlr cable too.   I tried using similar mods on a YH100 and it gave very good results.  
I have both the mylar and kapton version.  Forgot which was the silver and gold.  The kapton is modded i think and sounds similar to a LCD-2 while the other sound different.  Of the three, NAD RP18 , SS-100 and HP500 which one has the closest driver resemblance to the original Fostex T50?
I did, there is bass but not as good as my Fostex T50.  Given it share some similarity with the T50 and SS-100.  I still need to hunt down the 100 for the trifecta.  I'm sure once the 500 is modded it will sound superb.  
Received these today.  Looks great but sound just a tad below a Fostex T50.  Very good mids and thats about it.      
They also need time to open up.  My 300B from Glenn changed signature at about 3 months.  More natural sounding now.  It could be my ears getting used to the sound but I definitely hear a change.
SOLD to Bill-P
Selling my Hifiman HE-5 in mint condition.   No cracking or any damage to the wood.  Has original box and cable.  These are the only ones that can be converted to the famous Code-X.  These are not HE5LE or HE500, but the original HE-5 that were very limited production.
I forgot about the pic but it's here now.They really don't make them like they used to.  I wonder how much would the same integrated today cost with same build and sound quality.     
After spending some time with the Sony TA N902, Kenwood L A1 and Marantz PM15 I have decided to keep the Marantz and sell the other two.  As much I want to keep them all space is at a premium.     The Sony has been recently given a refurbishment, from what I could see in the invoice it had the bias fix?  I can't read Japanese.  But 50,000.00 yen in service for this amp is like a complete refurbishment.  If anyone can translate Japanese I would thank you.  The sound of...
Glenn, you need to take a vacation from work and visit me. I think i gained 5 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Cant help it. That sandwich does look big. Speaking in spanish to the staff so they would make it bigger than usual helps also.
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