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Thanks Glenn,  my amps does have 4 pin XLR but I was talking about a balanced input along a SE input.  I dont care if its a dummy balanced input but to be able to use my other cables would be great.  
I have a few xlr cables I want to try without adapters.   Thats the only reason I want a balanced input.  
velour?  doesnt the bass suffer greatly with those?  Nice score lee.
These are very nice tubes.  Wish I could get a few for that price for backup.   Great find.
Hmmm, roast duck and eggplant spicy pot?  Its almost 1am here and im hungry.
Pair of brown base is pending. SOLD Single non loose black base Sold.  1 left.   Going to keep the black base with a little rattle in it.  This thread is close.
How high were anyone's AOL 3.5 floppies? I think one time I had like 50 of them.  
Talking about games, my kids came from NY to visit me and they wanted a Wii  U and couple of games.  Total 460.00.  Kids these days.  At least they have good grades.
What?  I thought were all Pitfall, Galaga and Pacman from the Atari days.
Yeap both NU, I like the one that are tall and says Navy on the base.  Hard to come by these days.  Cheers Mmman.
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