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I guess most parents love the January cold?  HAHA.  One member in here said they sounded really nice for been vintage cans.  Fingers crossed.  Would like to see if I can fit a Wharfy ID1 in there if they sound horrible.  
Almost pulled the trigger on the Micro iDSD.  Glad i saw this thread.  But really? 1000.00 more than the Micro for same level of performance plus some fancy wireless BT connection and display?  I wish there was a simple version of it, just give a me a standalone DAC with USB that handles DSD with RCA and XLR out.  Why cram more fancy stuff at a desktop DAC ever going to need?  Clean power, short connections and simple design will sound better than adding extra stuff that...
Then Luis would replicate that same sound signature and charge us 500.00 using T50RPs.  
quick google and this come up. ■ Price \ 7,000  ■ Model dynamic velocity type ■ diaphragm dome type (polyester)  ■ Impedance  ■ Playback frequency 20-20,000Hz  ■ allowable input 65mW  ■ sensitivity 96dB / mW  ■ Code 2.5m  ■ Weight 350g (including code)  ■ 1981 ~ 82 around remarks ■ 1977 ■ Discontinued released   no mentioning of impedance.
I did, nice birthday present to myself .  Hope its a undiscovered ortho but if not I can always use it as a donor one day.  
Guys, anyone know something about this beauty?   Clarion HPA-005.    
I asked if i can get mine repainted but its a no no.  That Solem blue looks sick.  
its a good thing its priced at 700.00, price doesnt always reflect performance.  Look at the Ultrasone line.  Their top line use execellent materials and construction but the sound is meh for that amount of money.  Maybe if Sony have good sales number from the Z7 they one day might bring back something similar to the R10.
Thanks.  didnt want to read the whole thread.   The wait is on then, hope more veteran members review these.
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