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Received these today.  Looks great but sound just a tad below a Fostex T50.  Very good mids and thats about it.      
They also need time to open up.  My 300B from Glenn changed signature at about 3 months.  More natural sounding now.  It could be my ears getting used to the sound but I definitely hear a change.
SOLD to Bill-P
Selling my Hifiman HE-5 in mint condition.   No cracking or any damage to the wood.  Has original box and cable.  These are the only ones that can be converted to the famous Code-X.  These are not HE5LE or HE500, but the original HE-5 that were very limited production.
I forgot about the pic but it's here now.They really don't make them like they used to.  I wonder how much would the same integrated today cost with same build and sound quality.     
After spending some time with the Sony TA N902, Kenwood L A1 and Marantz PM15 I have decided to keep the Marantz and sell the other two.  As much I want to keep them all space is at a premium.     The Sony has been recently given a refurbishment, from what I could see in the invoice it had the bias fix?  I can't read Japanese.  But 50,000.00 yen in service for this amp is like a complete refurbishment.  If anyone can translate Japanese I would thank you.  The sound of...
Glenn, you need to take a vacation from work and visit me. I think i gained 5 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Cant help it. That sandwich does look big. Speaking in spanish to the staff so they would make it bigger than usual helps also.
It's time to post some more food porn pics. Aside from the best pizza we have the best pastrami.  
So what goes good on a snowy day after a movie with kids?  Pizza of course.  Now that I'm permanently in Brooklyn more of this pie for me.  
Finally getting back to family and of course the 300b amp. Happy Chinese New Year!  
New Posts  All Forums: