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Yeap both NU, I like the one that are tall and says Navy on the base.  Hard to come by these days.  Cheers Mmman.
Left is Ken Rad and right RCA.  
We cant really compare the TH600 or 900 to the TH500RP.   One is ortho while the other are dynamic.  Since the the TH500RP have a similar driver to the T50RP it should be around the same ball park for power requirements.   TH500RP is 93dB 48ohm and the T50RP 98dB 50ohm.  
same amps that match well with the T50RP?
Hoping there marketing dept is not the one running the company, we might get a better version by next year.  Like there TH900 and 600 but the other way around.  Nevertheless the 500RP is quite promising at its SRP.
If Currawong is right on those things, the TH500RP could be a very good candidate for modding.   With an open design like that proper damping is crucial.   Wonder if the drivers are angled like the TH600 or 900?  If not why use angled pads?  Wouldn't a simple round pads be better?  Like the ones on the Hifiman HE500.
Another great amp Glenn!!!, Glad to see the 4pin XLR getting use more.
I loved the MK6+, it was a good amp for the money.  Powerful enough to handle all orthos.  But if you'll already noticed it better suited for orthos and not high impedance phones like the T1. For that LD makes a MK8 I think.     It would be better if you just PM Glenn and talk to him about what you want in your amp.  
Riot police better be on call after the game in Brazil.  I expected 2-0 but this is a massacre. 
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