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looks like senn do offer spare parts for it.  :)  try and contact them and see if they're just willing to sell you that small piece for a cheaper price
yeah those arrows are ground. the wiring ciruit will look different on pcb. usually on the pcb there'll also be a ground running all around and you can solder to those points. it doesn't have to connect to a single point but as long as they're all connected to each other. 
from the picture it looks like those 3pin cpu fan connectors to me
you can get it here i think the preorder price ends sunday/monday time
i have the m2 would the m3 be worth the $  or should i look for something else?
i have the m2 i like them i don't have anything else to compare them to though cep for my 20$ phones they sound much better than those. bass is good enough for me, i mostly listen to trance n electronic music. didn't have any problem with ordering from mp4nation either. shipping took about 1wk once it was mailed.
"The M3, known as the Visang R04 within China" according to mp4nation
hey nice job on the pics.. i was thinking of doing this build too what'd you end up using for the leds and replacement of the MC7812ECT-ND since digikey no longer carries this part.  
nice review i was thinking of picking these up.. since i already have the m2.
hey i was in the same boat as you. i had the 4gb first gen clix too it still works but recently i picked up the cowon s9 32gb for 200$. I think you should give that a look or the newer J3. the s9 has really good battery life. I never gotten 55hrs out of it but i did a test once i got it and it played for almost 2 days straight and it was still playing when i turned it off. and you can control it w/o looking at it. it has buttons for vol -/+,pause/play, fwd/prv. on top...
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