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yeah it's like this on the s9 too. i've always wondered if that was normal.. guess it is
i like 8bit music but it's hard to find anything i like. only song i really listen to a lot is this one
yeah but it's always like that when dealing with overseas companies be preprared for a long transit. I bought stuff from audio cubes onces still took a month even when they said they had it in stock.  here you go
that's good to hear i'm still waiting for my m3 from mp4
good job so far. what was the part # for the leds if you don't mind
what are you guys using for the wires ? generic wire spools @ the local radio-shackish shops ?
2 people replied while i was typing guess i'm slow typer
i'm don't know what size the ipod touch is but i was looking at these as use for my case oh while looking @ that link i also saw this looks like it was made for ipod..
ok that link didn't work but it's in ... shop... parts and search for part #  048234
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