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I use the J3 to s9 mainmenu UCI... with Aero music from above and this browser. Before aero music i used dark evolution music was i liked too
awesome thanks !
i'm loving the new music UCI Kizune... as a request is there anyway you can add the option to not display the album in the info just like in your dark evolution music UCI :)
hey there, I want to win some loot !
if you want them right now don't get the m3 unless you upgrade the shipping to EMS..  i would tell you what the m3 sound like but i still haven't gotten them yet >_<  the HJE900s are also good from the reviews but they're discontinued so might also be hard to find.
i don't have the j3 but i do have the s9 if they're anything alike... the slow write speed is due to the firmware.. it tries to keep files randomy spread about the flash memory so no section gets written over more than another to keep the flash memory lasting longer. so when copying files over to the s9 it's quite slow compared to everything else because of that.
nice reviews... sucks that you said the m3 isn't worth the extra $ over the m2s :/ should of waited for the review before i bought them oh wells
wierd my tracking # doesn't work with usps's site
it'll get there eventually... if you're on a time schedule should pay extra for the EMS. i got the m3 on preorder said it was mailed out 2 wks ago ,but hongkong post tracking doesn't even say anything.
i'm sure it can read 32gb microsd cards. not sure how the drag n drop it but it gets imported into 1 library once it's on the j3.
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