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Plugged the hd800s into the dx90 and was shocked how well the amp could drive them.
Yay mines arrived.
Played around with the 1.2.8 with 1.2.2 sound, have gone back to standard 1.2.8 as I prefer this one.
I have a 32gb version in good condition
I have one in mint condition.
Guessing this closed, but if the JVC 1000 are still around drop me a PM.
Nice looking studio V, I think mines the second edition but its impressive sounding. Have you had any experience of the device displaying a padlock and locking the controls? Its the one thing I don't like.
I think the glacier a excellent amp, but being a retailer he probably doesn't like to recommend stuff, Pete millet is the designer of the glacier and he designs some rather nice tube stuff as well.
I've got a few DAC/amps, the audio quest Dragonfly doesn't work with stock android on the Samsung s3 but does with USB recorder pro, I've got a ud110 on the way which as far as I've told the version 2  is fully s3 compatible, will confirm.
Picked up a Ibasso dx50 last week, pretty chuffed with it
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