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A3s just shipped! 
just ordered A3s!     
A3 or V6-S
 Hey just some advice for the future: converting all your existing files to lossless won't do you any good. If the music file has already been compressed, it has already "lost" the information one would retain by using a lossless format originally. You cannot decompress a file and get that information back; all you did was increase file size without any sonic gain. 
K701s + Schiit Valhalla + what DAC? (not Bifrost..needs to be USB and I don't want to sink an extra $100 bucks into it just for a USB pathway...)
Cool beans. Thanks for your input. I think I'm gunna go ahead and get the M-Stage w/ USB DAC and use that with the K701s i will also be getting. If i had the cash, I would go for Bifrost + Valhalla, but hopefully that will come later. For now, the m-stage should do more than well enough for me. It'll be fun op amp rolling and messing around with it
Anyone here used the m-stage with USB DAC? Just wondering how good the DAC is....
About to pull the trigger on one of these combos for the K701s (my laptop as a source) 1) Matrix M-Stage w/ USB DAC 2 Schiit Valhalla + Schiit Modi (my wallet can't stand the blow from the Bifrost)   so...which one should i get?
Anyone know anything about the new-ish USB DAC combo version? As in, what chip it uses and how good it actually sounds...?
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