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http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_one_m8-review-1062p7.php   S4 better sound quality than HTC M8? It seems so just by looking at the numbers   But the written review said M8 is better. Why's that?
Thanks everyone for the input.   Suppose the noise is only a few narrow bumps around certain frequencies, is it possible to filter them out using some software?
I have some poor quality tape recording mp3s. They have background noise that makes them hard to hear clearly about the recorded conversation.    I notice many music player software has equalizer feature that can modify sound. Is it possible to use it to filter out noise? If it is possible, how to do that? If not, is there something else I can try?   Thanks a lot in advance
I do understand the impracticality of using a smartphone to drive HD650. I am just using it as reference to see how loud different smartphones can be. I would like a new phone that is as loud as Galaxy S. If not, then as loud as possible. It is good that now I learned that i9500 is louder than i9505. S3+uNEAK kernel might be even louder still. So is S3+uNEAK the loudest now among the top audio phones?
How about S3/Note 2 + uNEAK kernel? Someone claims that it is powerful enough to drive HD650
I heard that the i9500 is louder than i9505. Would that help? Does anyone know?
 I am thinking about replacing my S1 with S4 but I do need a phone that is loud enough to drive my HD650 Does that mean S4 isn't powerful enough to drive HD650? If not, are there are other phones as loud as or louder than the old S1?? Thanks
I also want to know if S3 with Boeffel kernel can drive HD650 or not.   My Galaxy S with voodoo can do that but of course not as good as a dedicated amp.
 Link pls? Thanks
 Is this combo louder than i9000+voodoo?
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