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I have had my SR325is for about 5 days and have about 60 hours of burn in time on them.  When I got them, I thought they were really shrill and feared I'd made a mistake in purchasing them.  However, even with the short burn-in period, they have mellowed nicely.  This morning, I was listening to a solo piano album called "Unaccountable Effects" by Liz Story.  The title track was wonderful.  The highs were crystal clear and shimmering.  The effects were truly...
Mine were the Ortho-Dynamic Yamahas.  I purchased them for $79 at around the time CDs were first introduced.  I was the first guy on the block to get a CD player... an NAD.
Is tube rolling just trying different tube combinations?
For the most part, I listen to music I have on Media Center on my computer.  From the computer I go to a FiiO E17 DAC and from the DAC to the WA6.  The tubes in the WA6 are stock.
Thanks Joseph.  In no way am I giving up on the 325is.  I have been burning them in all day today and they'll be busy all night too.
Just beautiful!
I received a new pair of SR325is yesterday.  They are the painted version purchased from Amazon.  Serial number is 18312.  These are my first pair of full size Grados.  I already had a set of iGrados that I like very much.  The SR325is are going to take some getting used to.  Everything I'd read about these phones is true.  They are in-your-face, bold, harsh, shrill, etc.  Pick your adjective.  I am hopeful that, with time, they will mellow out some.  I am listening...
I have HD600s, Mad Dogs and Beyer T51Ps.  I like them all very much.
My first quality headphones was the HD600 and I have been very pleased with them.  I voted that way, looked at the results and they seem to be the clear front runner.
Another happy WA6 owner here.  I listed to HD600s, Mad Dog 3.2s and Beyer T51Ps.  Hope to add some RS1is in a month or so.
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