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Doubtful- I was speaking with them at length and they were shooting for mid 2015. They said it's very early in the design process at this point.   BTW worked perfectly with my One Plus One Android Phone running Poweramp - 192 KHZ 24 Bit FLAC files. I listened thru Sennheiser HD-800.....luscious, captivating sound......can't wait for more!  
    Nexus 5 Rooted running CyanogenMod 11 nightly App: USB AudioPro - eXtream Software Development DAC: Audioquest Dragonfly Amp: Fanmusic  BL-2 Portable tube amp Phones:AKG Q-701 W/ Silver homemade interconnect - Ream balanced connector - Via Blue 3.5mm   Sounds rather good I must say,....
I can confirm that the Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2 runs on a Nexus 5 which in turn is running on CyanogenMod 11 (nightly 1/3/14) with the USB Audio Player Pro app. I am running an external amp and I have only plugged the USB into the OTG cable. I haven't messed with it connected to a PC yet, does anyone know if changes made on the usb via windows will affect the unit hooked up to a android device?  Sounds pretty darn good in this configuration too! I'll post photos when I get...
Pm on its way
I have a Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean and I have had no luck in getting my FiiO e7 to run. 
    I can bring some photo gear - strobes , stands, tripod , light box, DSLR for the group to use ( may have to bring a bigger vehicle LOL)  
I am bring some as well, I am sure they wont go to waste!
Very excited for this..........I will be there   I will bring my Sweet Peach FU50 headphone Amp,  HiFiMan EF-2A, AKG Q701 with homemade silver wire, Fanmusic BL-1 portable tube amplifier, Nook Color running android, FiiO e7 DAC 
Me and a buddy will be there......I am sure I will bring something with me
Sold pending payment.    
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