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    Nexus 5 Rooted running CyanogenMod 11 nightly App: USB AudioPro - eXtream Software Development DAC: Audioquest Dragonfly Amp: Fanmusic  BL-2 Portable tube amp Phones:AKG Q-701 W/ Silver homemade interconnect - Ream balanced connector - Via Blue 3.5mm   Sounds rather good I must say,....
I can confirm that the Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2 runs on a Nexus 5 which in turn is running on CyanogenMod 11 (nightly 1/3/14) with the USB Audio Player Pro app. I am running an external amp and I have only plugged the USB into the OTG cable. I haven't messed with it connected to a PC yet, does anyone know if changes made on the usb via windows will affect the unit hooked up to a android device?  Sounds pretty darn good in this configuration too! I'll post photos when I get...
Pm on its way
I have a Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean and I have had no luck in getting my FiiO e7 to run. 
    I can bring some photo gear - strobes , stands, tripod , light box, DSLR for the group to use ( may have to bring a bigger vehicle LOL)  
I am bring some as well, I am sure they wont go to waste!
Very excited for this..........I will be there   I will bring my Sweet Peach FU50 headphone Amp,  HiFiMan EF-2A, AKG Q701 with homemade silver wire, Fanmusic BL-1 portable tube amplifier, Nook Color running android, FiiO e7 DAC 
Me and a buddy will be there......I am sure I will bring something with me
Sold pending payment.    
Up for grabs is a Limited Edition Pico Slim Silver SN:0113 Used in excellent condition (8 out of 10 minor wear see pics)  works 100%   No box, manual or charger ( uses a standard Miro USB charger) . Does include original leather case.   $325 shipped continental USA via Pay Pal as gift or add 3%     Pm me to take it to the next step     See my feed back on E-Bay  CHAZNOLAN111727wo over 130  100 %+ feedbacks 0 negative feedback in 11 years!  
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