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My feeling always has been that if esoteric/aftermarket cables made any real change to the sound of headphones they would be included by the companies that spend (I hope) countless hours and dollars trying to improve their headphone designs.   Does anyone really think that Sennheiser, for example, would cripple the sound of their high-end headphones by using cables that didn't allow the true potential to come through?     I think it is basically all in peoples...
 Don't they share the same DAC? I thought the E10 uses WM8740 + AD8397 and the D7 uses WM8740 + OPA1611.
I asked this question also, just got a response from iBasso "...the D7's output impedance is less than 1ohm".  
Was thinking of picking one of these up (or maybe a HRT Headstreamer) and I couldn't find the output impedance listed anywhere, anyone know or can test it?
Please do Steve, I'd love to hear it.  
Nice post thanks for the testing. I wonder how you could test for the "clutter" or congestion as some people call it? It's obviously not caused by the kind of distortion you tested for. Can you tell the difference between them blind? I wouldn't usually ask but Sound Science and all :) Thanks again for the effort. 
Wow, what a mean spirited post, lots of insinuation, no facts. I've read his blog and learnt a lot, "yet it does sound like ####." is about all I could have have learnt from your contribution.    
Nice Joker, been waiting for the review off to read it thanks.
They are so confident that you'll love it that $300 + shipping is all you'll pay if you don't like it after a 'trial'!!   Any USB device 'high end' enough to even consider buying this cable for wouldn't be using USB as a power source right? So It's kind of pointless shielding the data lines from the VDC lines isn't it? Or are they used regardless?   Anyway lucky for my wallet that normal USB cables are transparent.
I said what I said, it doesn't mean I have a "mentality" regarding this or am part of any "defeatist crew". I don't think expressing my opinion is narcissistic and how long I've been a member is irrelevant. Who called anyone mad or claimed a conspiracy? Yes..yes XB500 vs HD800 etc. but I wasn't discussing headphones or amps just volume matched modern DACs. You seem very creative.   
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