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What's Stoner's H-F member name?
I asked a question back in April, and I'll ask it again...seems the http://stoneracoustics.blogspot.com/ site has not been updated for a while (Feb 2014), and IAC, the Blogspot is quite uninformative. Seems that many of the Stoners being commented on in this thread are re-sales (amongst head-fi members). I'm still interested in buying a unit -- is Stoner still selling them?
The http://stoneracoustics.blogspot.com/ site hasn't been updated for a while. Assume this product is still "active"??
Just saw the review for these at InnerFidelity ... ...hmm... ... so now we have two different (??) schools of science (for cans at this price category): Barton vs. Olive? Or do they both aim for something "similar"?   EDIT: Looked at the Meas. curves .... NAD look a bit prettier ... http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/NADVISOHP50.pdf http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/FocalSpiritProfessional.pdf
burnwaygta4: Since you CLAIM to improve the cleanliness of DC-to-DC converter, via your "mod", you need to provide proof. O'scope traces, as noted here in a topical EEVBlog episode...   ...will go a long way to proving your case before the court. Be sure to capture before and after mod images. Post them in this thread.   Oh ... and for all the FREE help, you (or somebody reading this) needs to send me sample unit -- for eval (you probably won't get it back). I might...
Haven't trudged thru this entire thread, so I'll be lazy and ask for opinions on DAP comparisons below...   UD100/110+Galaxy/etc. vs. iPod Touch UD100/110+Galaxy/etc. vs Astell Kern (any DAP) UD100/110+Galaxy/etc. vs. Teclast t-51/S:Flo2 UD100/110+Galaxy/etc. vs. Colorfly CK4 or C4 UD100/110+Galaxy/etc. vs. iBasso DX100 UD100/110+Galaxy/etc. vs. HiFi-Man (any DAP) UD100/110+Galaxy/etc. vs. FiiO X3  UD100/110+Galaxy/etc. vs. IHIFI960 UD100/110+Galaxy/etc....
Perhaps because ....they are in diff. price categories and those who can only afford UD110 can't shell out for Dragonfly, Meridian, etc.Perhaps because ....those who can afford (and buy) the more $$ stuff don't believe a budget device can sound decent.Perhaps because ....reviewers that do receive review samples won't speak too much (or too loudly) when a budget overachiever from some unrecognized upstart enters the product category. I.e., POLITICS. Perhaps because ....the...
Good point, but it's worth it. I like the AD8397 opamp (+ LPF). Also, the ESS9023 was ESS's lower-end DAC, w/o ASRC -- their higher-end DACs are better. So, $10-15 cost increase is next to nothing -- esp. as when as an alt. and not as a replacement model -- and the increase in SQ should be significant. I, DIY breadboarded something similar a while ago with very good results.
Just found this thread...Nice write-up and updates ClieOS! This is an important topic and an important product category: low-cost, high-performance, thumb-drive DACs.  It's great there are real-world (=high-performance) alternatives to high-priced models such as Meridian, DragonFly, etc. Curious as to why Stoner switched to the TI (PCM) DAC in favor of the high-rated ESS. ESS has newer 32-bit models out now for portable use, so perhaps a future model by Stoner can...
Very interested in these. Tyll at IF say they measure VERY well. An Amazon reviewer noted these are 2nd only after 1964 Quad.  The Onkyo web site has good, succinct details.  Wow: 14.3mm dynamic driver ... and Onkyo stresses their design effort went into bass QUALITY, not QUANTITY. Hope y'all buy a ton and provide feedback ... and then us hold-outs can reap the bennies ... on YOUR tab, of course ;)
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