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a_tumiwa: I did not disassemble my units upon failure, but your symptoms are very similar to my three failed S?Flo2/T-51 DAPs. Any status updates on your unit?  
  s1rrah: If you were not monetarily bribed or under duress (e.g. you or your family held at axepoint by ruffians from Teclast/HoD/Nationite/Mp4Nation ;-) -- then what can one say? Wow! IMO, an "outlier". But what do I know? I agree about caring less for video (or ebook, photo, dictionary) features. I think the upcoming Fiio X3 may be ideal. Hopefully, it's a reliable and durable unit to boot.
amb's above reply is from May/30/2006. Class D seems to have evolved somewhat since then. IEEE even gave class D a spot in their top 11 technologies of the decade "award" earlier this year (uh ... #11, FWIW!). Also both the major (U.S-based) print mags, The Absolute Sound and Stereophile, gave the NAD M2 class-D integrated amp very heavy praise. The NAD M2 is, further, a digital class-D amp (note: the "D" in "class D" does not stand for "digital") and  -- FWIW -- can...
The Teclast UI/layout is light-years ahead of anything else I use except , perhaps, the Cowon iAudio U3. Teclast can let the present design/UI persist for a few years ... IMO, they need to invest their effort on device reliability. Which is atrocious to say the least.     
Yes. I wrote to Amazon relating my poor experience with this product. Maybe others did, too. But even if Teclast or Mp4Nation products were continued to be distributed by the major U.S. outlets (Amazon, etc.), the customer-rating/feedback system would have -- by design -- "done them in" if they did not get their act together v. quickly. It may not matter as Mp4nation have their own USA store ... as frenchbat noted above, "Cheap is cheap, and the business model is...
Thanks Tronz!   For all intents and purposes, we should  include in this discussion ...   iPhone (as Teclasl, MP4Nation devices are somewhat similar) iPod Touch  (and older/'legacy' products like iPod classic).   Anyway, I should answer my own question! ...   QLS QA-350 -- the external charger gets quite warm while charging, but the unit runs cool. I've finger-tested the ICs inside while the unit has been in use for 1hr+ and they are all cool....
What are you folks using for C6 (which Tangent suggests as NP0 or C0G)? I'm using CAP CERAMIC 10PF 50V NP0 1206 (Digikey 399-1192-1-ND; Kemet C1206C100J5GACTU), which is a $0.14 part.    Not sure whether upgrading this to something better will make much of a diff. I noted Styroflex above, but I have none that go this low in capacitance value, e.g., 10pF. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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