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If you're suggesting customizing the SM3s specifically ... yes, this WILL help with certain sonic attributes such as sound-staging, imaging/focus, bass "tightness". But, it WON'T really help with help with most of attributes of which I was critical. Notably, dynamics, speed and the midrange "hump".    
Actually, I did read up -- tho' not exhaustively. I wanted midrange smoothness, fullness, "lushness". Perhaps a tube-like or warm/romantic sound that SM3's seem to be decent at (and that IE8s marginally lack). I thought my fast solid-state electronics and other PRATty front-end gear would somewhat let me have and eat some of that perfect cake. But the real world has a way of, well, putting you in the real world ... To wit: A few hours after I wrote my initial "review"...
Just got 'em...   Will wait for a week or two before writing a more comprehensive review...but based on prelim. impressions (and compared to my all-time fave 'phone, IE-8) ... ...folks, I can't speak (er ... hear) for y'all (we all have diff. ears/brains/tastes, tho' IEMs tend to bypass the OUTER-ear hearing diffs)... but I really don't see what all the fuss is about with the EM3 (v2 or not)! Compared to IE8, the major flaw I noted is a...
If they do, yikes! After encountering so many glowing reports for the SM3s, I just ordered some SM3v2's (this will be my first dip into the Earsonics pool, and a not-too-confident return to "BA sound"). 2 1/2 yrs ago, I got a pair of IE8s -- after using SE500/530s since late 2006 (and some E2C for about a year before that). The IE8s, while not perfect (esp. WRT isolation), IMO mostly blow away SE530s. Now, I absolutely can't tolerate the top-end Shures -- against the...
I'll be curious how it compares/contrasts to Head-Direct RE-262 (RE-272), IE-8 and Westone 4, Ortofon eQ-7 and Audio-Technica CK-100
Yeah, my 2nd (Shure-replaced) se530's cables started to stiffen (and then break) only 9mos after they replaced them (I used them 1-2 hrs/day). I originally bought 500s, but their cables went after about 10mos. Shure replaced them with 530s.    Also have E2Cs -- same horrible cable issue. After I got my Sennheiser IE8s (a better IEM in almost every aspect except isolation) -- 2.5 years ago -- I stopped using Shures altogether.   
Yeah, I did see the online 15% coupon before. I can't seem to get it to apply. Maybe 'cause  IT EXPIRED MAY 17th! Bottom line: how do I get it at $365? They have a "WHAT'S YOUR PRICE?", too on-site. Tho', realistically, I don't wanna have to hassle with calling them (or having them call me), haggling for the bottom dollar.
By 'high capacity', do you mean its internal storage capacity? As has been pointed out by others, the T51s internal memory is not as useful as it may seem. First, it's much slower to up/download (via USB) from than a dedicated SDHC card reader. Second, and much more important IMO ... if/when the device fails (as noted in this thread), you're gonna lose EVERYTHING. I wish they still offered the 2GB model, which was cheaper, too.    
How'd you get that 15% discount?    
I made a general statement about the fact that Soundearphones is now shipping, not that I ordered ... I'm waitin' on you guys/gals to 'view it before I commit to purchasing it at its whopping USD price: SM3 v2 = $430 vs. SM3 v1 = $300. Wow, that must be some upgrade -- an order of magnitude jump in acoustical physics. A watershed in IEM engineering ... to require an addit. $130 from its patrons. Heavens to Betsy!    BTW: I paid less than $280 for my IE8 -- as opposed to...
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