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Damn thing is a HiFiMeDIY Sabre USB copy-cat. (now discont.) Stop plugging Ali links in all your posts, dude!! Especially non-English ones!!
The decoder is an ancient PCM2706. Yuch!!
Thx, but the Schiit Multibit is not in the same price range as I suggested in the prev. post. Also (my bad for not being clearer), we should be comparing the UD125, I suppose, since that's the latest-n-greatest Stoner ;)
A few comparison reviews would be cool.  I've never owned a Stoner product (or any similar product in this price range). Help me select a "tiny DAC", even if it's a used UD100 on eBay. Thx!
Well, folks, I'm going to take the plunge into sub-$100USD USB DACs, so help me decide...I'm leaning toward the because that manuf, has much better documentation than Stoner. Also, FWIW, hifimediy is avail on Amazon.I could be persuaded into opting for the UD120 if many of you suggest so. If not, my $$ is going to China, not Malaysia ;) Sorry ClieOS!!
Confused about the current status of this product.   Stoner has their own dedicated site (in addition to the old Blogspot):   Yet on the new site, I do not see the UD120. Is it still for sale? How does one order?   Finally, how does it compare to the latest similar-price USB "stick" DACs, like
Okay, rec'd some dampers (filters) from Mouser.    Seems $$ have gone up: I paid a bit over $17USD for six (three x two pairs). This included S/H, but I live in the US so $6 S/H is steep!!!   Anyway, I ordered: Grey, White, Brown.  I've only tried the Brown and am very impressed! The SQ is better than stock and filterless.   Possibly, increase in clean and USABLE bass is the biggest improvement with the Browns.   Not sure why people report Shure's stock whites are...
Come on folks ... this one is a freebie! You don't need to buy anything. Just remove what you've got, have a listen, take some notes, and report back.  Important: the sound may require extended listening for critical evaluation.  As I've noted before, I almost sold my Earsonics SM3 v2 until I removed its filters (I've been running the SM3s filterless for over 4 yrs). A good question: "What about wax and other junk getting inside the IEM cavity?"Keep ears clean (a good idea...
Anyone running FILTERLESS?   Thoughts of filtered vs. filtered?   **Note that removing the filter not only removes the screen, but its can as well (increasing the inner diameter of the nozzle).
I don't know what that is -- but if it's this... or this.. forget it. I ain't takin' a heat gun to the thing, much less punch/poke some holes into any part of it.
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