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this is my ES5, Westone's custom. 1 low driver, 2 mid , and 2high. I bought these on December 28th 2012. It's not that long. I probably have used it around 100 hrs. These are working perfectly fine the reason why I am selling thses because I need IMac for the college. Even you are not going to reshell these, these will be fit to your ear (not perfectly but partially) U can reshell these by Unique Melody, or Fisher Audio? Thanks. If you have any question, plaese ask...
1 low 2 mids 2 high I bought this on december 12th 2012, its not that old. I have used this around 100hours The reason why I sell this because I want to buy Mac Book for my college year Both sides are working perfectly I will ship it with protector, cleaner OTO EASE, 20 audio wipes. Thanks
Hi folks this is my Westone ES5, Both pairs are working perfectly. Cable is not included in this deal because I am using it with my Ue11pro. When you reshell ES5, you will get the cable from the company. If you are interested in buying it, then let me know!
Hi folks this is my Westone ES5 Description is on my last post so check out if you are interested in buying Westone ES5 the reason I sell this becuase I want to get MacBook or Laptop for college years.
Hi peeps, this is Westone ES5. I never has been reshelled. it will ship with OTO EASE, CLANER, CASE, and 20 audio wipes. If you are interested in buying Westone ES5, then just let me know. Thanks peeps, and Have a nice Easter Sunday :)
Thanks! Okay I will consider to buy either Lenovo or HP But i still need money though haha
Hi folks, I am goona sell the ES5. is is with OTO-EASE, Cleaner, protect case, and 30 additional Audio wipes. IT has not been reshelled. The reason why I sell this because I want to buy Mac-Book Pro for college. If you are interested in buying Westone ES5, let me know! Thanks Folks!
Hi folks, This is UE11 pro. The condition of this earphone is really good. I reshelled it 4 month ago and I used it over 40 hours. The reason why I sell this, because I can't buy Tablet PC without selling this. Paypal works :) If you are interested in UE 11 pro just let me know
Hi, everyone    I'm selling my UM3X because I got UE11pro and I really dont listen to these any more :P    I purchased these 5 months ago from my friend and it has been used for little amount of time. (about 20-40 hours)      I'm asking for 250 USD + shipping + Paypal fee.      The item includes some foam tips, IEMs, Portable case (as shown in the pic)      I prefer shipping to USA but I will ship to anywhere if there is no one buying in the...
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