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Thanks I appreciate it. Is the USB a known issue on the Meridian?
Seems no because I have the USB set as my default sound source so it appears as if the computer thinks its not connected since it reverts to playing out of my computer internal speakers when it cuts out. But then it comes right back on to the USB source after a second.
I have tried differnet cables with the Meridian but stll the same issue. Changed out cable with Mojo and it has been ok for a few weeks.
Is this still occurring? I am having an issue with it dropping out every so often.
I have both a Meridian Explorer DAC/amp and Chord Mojo DAC/amp. At times the audio coming from the USB running through the DAC/amp will cut out and the sound will start coming out of my computer's speakers as opposed to the headphones. I cannot seem to isolate a cause, but it happens on both of my computers from time to time. Any thoughts?
 Just received my Mojo and it is amazing. Thanks for the guidance. I cannot stop the excitement. 
Other than the Mojo, any other recommendations for an amp/DAC combo for the Note 5 with the 846? Ideally it would be one that I could use with my computer as well. 
These are the clear version. I have the original box and accessories, but have used the large olives and the yellow foams so those will not be included. These have a black as opposed to a clear cable as there was a kink in the clear cable and I had to replace it. These have been well-cared for, as I used them while laying in bed or sitting on planes. I am selling because I upgraded to the SE846. 
I purchased this in February 2013 but have elected to downsize to a set of powered speakers small enough for my desktop instead of a component system. This has approx. 20 hours of light use in my home office. It was covered with a dust cover when not in use. I will sell speakers and amp, and throw in the Audio Quest Golden Gate cable for connecting sources for $775.00.  Speakers listed at http://www.head-fi.org/t/701486/fs-mint-psb-imagine-minis-cherry.
MSRP $760.00. I purchased them from an authorized PSB retailer. These have the cherry finish with black screens. I purchased these in February 2013 and they have approx. 20 hours light use. I used them in my home office on a bookshelf but decided I want something smaller for my desktop instead. I have the original box and they have been well-cared for. I will sell the speakers with the NAD 316BEE integrated amplifier and throw in the Audio Quest Golden Gate source cable...
New Posts  All Forums: