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I have a 2.1 system and purchased a Bryston BDA-2 DAC but find it a bit dense, and prefer the air I get in my IEMs from my Chord Mojo. Does anyone have any experience with the BDA-2 and Hugo such that they can comment on how they compare on airiness and the sense of "slow motion"? I assume Hugo is similar in signature to the Mojo but would love to have someone who has actually A/Bd the BDA-2 and Hugo.
I purchased these new in October or November 2016 and they have less than 25 hours on them. I decided that I am not a fan of headphones (prefer IEMs and speakers).   I will sell them with a Black Dragon cord with a ViaBlue 3.5mm connector that I purchased for $200 from another head-fier.   I have the original box and two cords they came with (1/4 inch and balanced).    I will pay shipping and Paypal fees. 
Have you heard of the Connecticut Audio Society? They have a website. I just found it.
hard to believe not that many folks in CT that want to get together. I am in the Hartford area if anyone ever wants to meet up for lunch or something. 
Has this idea of Connecticut meet ever gotten off the ground?
Prefer Cardas Cross or Nordost Blue Heaven, but will consider others. 
I purchased this a month or so ago and it is too thick for my tastes. It is extremely well made, but I wanted something to use for travel and this is better suited to use with a home set up.   I would consider a trade for another USB A to Micro B, such as a Blue, Silver, or Black Dragon, or a Chord Mojo case.
I am getting static when using my Mojo with my Surface via USB. Any thoughts on why/solutions? 
Thanks I appreciate it. Is the USB a known issue on the Meridian?
Seems no because I have the USB set as my default sound source so it appears as if the computer thinks its not connected since it reverts to playing out of my computer internal speakers when it cuts out. But then it comes right back on to the USB source after a second.
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