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Where did you get one?
Hello,   I am selling a like new Hum Pristine Universal. It is their top of the line and sounds really good but I have too many iems.   Price new is normally around 1400$   http://music-sanctuary.com/products/hum-pristine   http://www.e-earphone.jp/shopdetail/000000087229/    Price includes the iems, iem cleaning tool, cable and full set of tips, as well as the case.   Price includes paypal and shipping to anywhere   Regards,   Michael
The Layla II is overpriced, and the Andromeda is visibly great for the price. So it is still interesting to compare.
Has anyone seriously compared the Andromeda to the Layla II?
The Plus5 isolates better than other Tralucent iems, in the average of other brands.
I like both Mojo and LPG. Yesterday I was chilling at home and reading and the Plus5 was perfect, in a silent environment. Today I was outside on the go and it was less optimal...the outside noise made them sound a bit muffled.
After being initially not so convinced, these are growing on me. I will say more soon, but I advise anyone interested in these to not judge on first listen. They take time.
Hello,   This a great player, I just don't need so many DAPs.   It is as new and still under garranty, I bought it from the manufacturer.   Comes with everything inside the original package, USB cable and small pin to open the SD card.   Perfect cosmectic and functional state.   Please answer quickly as I will be in France soon for 10 days and can only ship from there (cannot ship batteries from China). Can ship until the 3rd of July!   Price includes paypal...
Based on the NT6, certainly the NT6 pro are brighter with sparklier trebble
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