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It takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on the day.
Only REF1 is balanced
Diamond dust is supposedly brighter and more spacious vs SS which is warmer and powerful and magical. Does that ring a bell?
SE5 with RWAK240 is my go to rig. Ver balanced sound. SE5 can be even better with more power, like with the 901, but you lose a bit in clarity. DX100 migbt have been the ideal mix.The NT6 does not work well with RWAK240...too bright and thin. It is perfect with the 901. The Ref1 is perfect with RWAK240, the Kaede works with both AK and 901, the Roxanne with RWAK240, a bit too muffled with 901.
I wrote to Haru.
Now if I am first that changes everything I need to get it
All my iems. SE5, NT6, Roxannes, Ref1, Kaede. Mostly SE
Nope I have not, as I do not want be tempted to buy it. I am quite tempted on the Sieve Sheep, but 100k Yen is steep.
Let me dispel any doubt here...I am sure he does great work, and I am in contact to get some cables. I was kidding. I am still not sure cables change anything but I am still trying.
So apparently the SD-4 are coming in November...wonder what they are tuned like. 
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