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So do you own it? Because there are no demos that I know of. What don't you like about it?
The Jr would make most iem users happy.
I have compared the two side by side and the differences are slight. Anakchan is of the same opinion. They are slight but still present. Not enough for me to upgrade at this price, especially that I prefer the design of the SS. But if there was a SS version of the 380 I would consider it.
I have never heard K10, I will sell my Roxannes because I cannot manage a good fit even after several reshells. The Roxanne sounds good, great size of soundstage and well controlled bass. The SE5 Ultimate is significantly better to me taste, the sound feels more natural, and layered. I don't know what it is with the Roxannes, can't really point it out. I tried the Layla briefly, seem good.
In what other aspect beyond price?
@Paul,will it be the flagship or will there be a dx120…?
If find the 901 being the less digital player I own apart from the Tera. The 240 is more digital IMO.
****, I will not list who I have lost to cancer to stay positive, also because I know many who overcame. Good thing it is well isolated. All my thoughts and support, let me know if you need help with something.
What is the typical Sabre sound?
I was not clear on your first points, are you saying the 380 sounds slightly different from 1.07 to 1.11? Well I am definitely sticking to the 240SS until the 380SS arrives :D
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