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If balanced and clear but not thin is your goal, then this selection is weird, as they all sound VERY different from what I know. I would go towards SE5, NT6, NT6PRO, K10, H8, maybe VE6x control. Although some might be a bit thin.
Depending on the iem, I am between 30 and 40 on my RWAK240. 40 is very loud to me.
Veeeeeery tempted. His pitch is so sexy...feels like buying snake oil but but you only live once.
And until you realise the uselessness of their existence and make a parallel with your own.
Now I need a fancy cable to waste more money. I am looking at Wagnus cables to stay Japanese
True...but if you do not spread over time and resist the urge there is no pleasure. I have waited a year to get a pair of Fitear, and not because of the money.The other thing is that with so many I am looking for...special flavors.
I know people. Dangerous people.
Even the 240 is not what I would call a powerful DAP if I compare to the larger guys such as 901 or DX100.
In August
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