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It is a matter of balance between the two and priorities. I like isolation.
I love the Ocharakus, used to own the Kaede, but they have no isolation at all, not very ergonomic due to the absence of neck cinch, and quite fragile cable wise. Sound is indeed very good.
I would gladly sacrifice my foot if it avoids the DAP breaking on the ground
Album cover from Ava Luna
My 1Z has been shipped apparently...
Tell her you are overstretched at work and really need a good break from it all. If she knows you, she will suggest it herself so you can go, and it will be her idea! Otherwise cancel the wedding.
Not only that but all feedback I have had on the air was meeeh
I find the Spinfit CP800 to be actually a good git on the EM9, better than the CP100 for my ears.  
Lotoo Paw Gold > DHC Symbiote V3 > Earsonics S-EM9 with Spinfit CP800. Actually sounds better with these tips than with the CP100 (to my ears).  
That is not such good news, because even if the 2.5 sounds good, it is half the price.
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