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Hello,   I am selling the Rhapsodio TOTL Galaxy iems, there are brand new as I got a new pair from Rhapsodio a week ago, upgraded with new flush sockets. They include everything, the box and all the accessories, including the Rhapsodio RSD 2.98 Silver and Gold cable 4 wire (value 350USD alone).   The price new is 1600USD, I am asking for 1350USD including paypal and shippin to anywhere (from China).   I honestly thing they sound very good, at the level of the best,...
I found the JH line up metal jacket nothing to write home about, especially not the Rosie. The Layla is technically impressive but too expensive. Anyways, found the Kse1500 better to my taste than Rosie, but brief listen.
I is disappoint
After a heated discussion with Jack, he recognized my paternity on the new Zeus, since I am the one who insisted on the sensitivity issue. Based on this, we arbitrated on the name the Zeus-Mouille ™. This name will be printed on all your CIEMs and iems, along with my picture.
You don't like the sound of the Kse1500?
I am disappointed, I was hoping for 8 LR20 batteries
I sold the P1 to keep the AK240SS, comparable perfornance with more clarity on the SS. The P1 was a bit more spacious and engaging, but I chose the SS. After I kept the LPG over the SS because it is just better all around to my ears. More resolving, more powerful, much more 3D sound.
Not I just mean technically proficient.
Thanks for the prompt reply...they are visibly in Shenzhen. Seems I might need to pre-order. When are they supposed to ship?
Hello, are there any retailers and demos of these in mainland China? Would love to compare to SE5 ultimate, Zeus, Galaxy, Tralucent Plus5, etc.
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