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It is not normal.
What goes around comes around, JH will be losing business all around the way they dealt with this....especially with all the new competition coming in.
What I mean is that AK240 and Hugo are, to my ears, close in terms of the TYPE of signature: clarity, musicality, speed, space, airiness. But Hugo does everything better (not miles ahead, it is not possible at this level). On the other hand the 901 is very different: power, smoothness, depth, etc.
Yep, at this price, I am hesitating to buying it blindly
It has all been said...price is 1200$ and battery is 8 hours.
I have the 901, RWAK240 and Hugo as well, and would say that 240 and Hugo have quite close sound signatures, Hugo being to my ears significantly better. Compared to 901, the sound sigs are too different for clear technical comparison but Hugo still has the edge. I have not noticed significant changes in SQ when changing the transport used with Hugo...whether it be computer via USB, 901 via coax or 240 via optical. However, I am not sure how I could use Hugo in a portable...
It is definitely not a large brick...look at the dimensions.
I had seen this on taobao, but I actually think the default case is awesome. Maybe to get a funky one in red or green or something.
Do you guys think these are legit?
He did, and I thought he meant iems or headphones = items :D
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