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I found 901 only a little bit better than AK240 or Cowon P1 with iem. The difference was much too subtle to justify the bulk. Especially with 240, because even if 901 had more depth, fullness and authority, I preferred 240 clarity and texture. I still want to listen to 901 and see how it feels in hand.
 I slightly disagree:- There is a bit more optimisation internally (more credible technically than AK240 vs. 240SS which had a huge hype)- There is new amp card with it, Minibox Gold- The 901 with Minibox was according to me already better or at least as good than all other competitors in terms of sound, so slight improvement keeps it a the top
A Chopper cable?! Awesome 
Isn't this the same guy who was banned from headfi because he was doing paid reviews...would be cautious.
Definitely not how I hear some things. The AK120 sounds muffled to me, I don't get the width. The Tera has incredible bass unless you pair it with low impedance multi BA, but there is not point. Besides Tera dynamism is good to me. I am more in agreement on the 901 and Lotoo, except that the latest 901 UI is just fine.
Is the sound clearer when the guitar player is naked?
A masterless samurai, only not a man but a chicken. No brain, only honor.
It is obvisously a Ronin Chicken.
Honestly I am not sure, depends what your threshold is. To me, my RWAK240 and the AK240SS sounded very similar, not sure I could have made the difference in a blind test. I kept the SS over the RWAK more to keep my latest toy :) Michael
he will. Nobody has tried that I know of so no out can testify. Theoretically sound can be improved. Not sure about the port.
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