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Are you going to whip the highs with the cable to tame them? Naughty!
The Pristine is definitely a top contender, doesn't fit in my line up much with the KSe1500. I have never tried the Andromeda so I cannot say. But if the Pristine is more resolving (which I really do not know) then the Andromeda is less interesting to me.
This is very cool but we still need your man card back.
Yeah it's like fairies, not because we cannot see them that they don't exist.
pretty pretty, cool stuff man. Does it suck?
I tried the spinfits and the sound is good, but I lose seal easily for some reason, which doesn't happen with other iems with these tips. So I switch to Westone Star tips and sound is just as good but the seal is more secure.
The more slots the merrier.
I hope you don't mean me, because I just said I preferred the SE5 Ultimate WITH the Tera Player.But it couldn't be, as I am quite disreputable.
Oh yes. With SE5, LPG kills it.
Never compared side by side so cant say.
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