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Has nothing to do with AK. Seems like they use their standard cable, or maybe micro. They are very expensive. Anyways a cable at this price is ridiculous.
It will make a huuuuge placebo difference.
Iem makers say burn in is your imagination. But whatever works for you.
Especially given the fact that prototype impressions were quite bad if I recall.
Actually all JH iems are one and the same, differences are in our head. Actually maybe all iems on the planet are the same, it's a conspiracy.
Ok so not too slim but at least sexy.
I also think DAPs as they are expensive toys that are bought solely for pleasure should focus on sleak and modern designs.
Sorry I mean middle aged
Warren really played you...the characters actually means "old fart who enjoys intercourse with goats". Hanzi are very concise.
That's hoping it will only happen once.
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