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Then it will sound like pig farts
Oh crap, I was hoping you would say no. Where did I put my kidney again...
Are the Prestige included?
As long as they do not hire a Korean Marketing Manager to set the prices.
We owe him to try. Grab him I will take care of the iems.
Just to be safe an patch up with your GF, I think you should get rid of the Lab 1. I hear they are not that good, and I can assist you in their disposal. I offer a free service of TOTL iems disapearance / recycling.
Man each time I use my Tera + SE5 rig I really ask myself why I own anything  else. Listening to Asaf Avidan and the raw emotion is unbelievable.
Few people have the dock here and no one knows when the S will be out.
You are totally right. Got the Roxannes last Christmas, the 335 this summer, two a year is a minimum!Well tell him to hurry because you have nothing to listen to!
I think this is what we call hypnotuning. You tell people it is tuned differently and put a higher price tag and they will hear the difference Just kidding, I trust Rudi...
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