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I think it is not so much about gripe but healthy questioning about certain things in this industry we increasingly take for granted.
So maybe we should start a generalist thread on the general question whether some brands are taking us for rubes. I won't but I would participate
@mysony1, thanks for the feedback. I might try balanced one day, but for me it sounds good as it is...maybe I have less critical ears
I totally disagree. If any IEM needs an amps to sound good with a 3k DAP, then there is an issue somewhere Can it sound 0.23% better (sure you can say it sounds 10% better, all very personal) with an amp making the whole contraption totally unwiedly...maybe I am not a technician, but I do not see any relation between number of driver and required driving power Anyhow, did you try this combo?
AK240SS > Beat Audio Prima Donna > JH Roxanne CF. Sweet and spacious.    
Fair enough 
Based on what? To me both are good options. I do not think there will be a huge difference soundwise between Toxic and Beat, as I am not a huge cable believer.For build quality and ergonomics I prefer beat Audio, but for those for whom this is important, Toxic does offer a thicker wire.For the 846 and Roxannes comparison, I have the custom version of the Roxannes. The 846 bass has a special texture that I just love, and the mids are really smooth. The Roxannes have much...
Thanks. The dial box is a bit large but very light so seems quite convenient. Will try it all out tomorrow.
This is their top of the line so quite pricy, but the entry is around 199$.
A couple of weeks as they are quite busy now, usually I get cables from them in a few days as they are in China.
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