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Well actually Steve Jobs' first girlfriend dumped him for the guy who invented flac so they has always been a taboo on this at Apple.
It will be the third time I send it for adjustment...the good thing is that Sue at repairs is very efficient and responsive.
Well I wanted the deeper bass so yes.
I have a long hot summer and a piece of strange too
It was a typo, I still have it and intend to keep it. Pairs great with SE5, Ref1 and Roxannes.
Finally got my Ref1 back from repair...they sound really awesome balanced out of RWAK240. The bass is sometimes a bit strong but still great overall.
Thanks for the amswers guys. I do think my Roxannes are a bit lose...
I will survive.
I own a RWAK240 and tested the Calyx M. The M indeed sounds bigger and in a way more engaging. I was concerned however that this type of colored sound, although very tasty at first might be too much after a while. And might not pair well with warmer iems such as the Roxannes. Anyways the reason why I will not get it is mostly size...I find the M quite unwieldy.
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