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Please keep to impressions and not have ten pages of discussions on everything and nothing like the other (unfollowable) thread.
I am having a hard time relating to the 901 balanced missing details. Only the Hugo had more...but then again never tried AK240.
Zx1 pairs with NT6 ok, but a bit too bright and fatiguing. Prefer with 901
someone wants a discount on the ref 1
I am skeptical on the fact that the transport has an excellent impact on SQ.
And I am betting many of these impressions will sound like: "OMG !!! Eargasm, best thing since sliced bacon, can't believe my ears, giant killer, better than my 25k home system!!!"
I cancelled my cable order as I realized this cable was included in my 901 box...must be because it is from Japan. Not sure there is a difference with using ZX1 with USB...have not had enough time. But the different will be slight if any.
Coax sounds good but so far not so different from USB with ZX1. I did not have time to compare though.As for VE6, you know it has a switch to change sound right? With position X1 qnd X2. X2 is more flat like Stage 3, but with thicker sound. X1 has more bass and a larger stage. I think X1 is more fun. Very good SQ...but at the price I am not sure yet.
The buttons are indeed harder with Cruzerlite.
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