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Just hope for your sake they do not take 10 months to deliver this time...only to announce after 10 months the new Dirty Diana for 3500$.
Ok I tried the H6 and QC25. Preferred the H6 as it sounds more delicate to my ears. But both are out of the picture as I realized I really dislike the around the ear type. Like have a small igloo on your ear. Much prefer the way on ear conveys music. Of course I even prefer IEMs.
No 20HKD, 2k USD (already not bad)
Do you mean that Jude, Tyll and Mike Mercer are aliens?! I knew it!
Hum thanks, seems like T51p is better suited than the ATH...
Thanks. I use RWAK240, Cowon P1 or Tera.
Great thread. Hey guys I am looking for a nice headphone. I have several very good IEMs and want a pair of headphones to change a bit. I have a pair of ATH-ES10 and love them but they are not so comfortable and isolation sucks. Key aspects for me are SQ, balanced and spacious with good bass, but well controlled, isolation and comfortable, and beautiful design. So for instance uglys like the Nad are a no-go. I am eying the T51p, MH40, H6 and ATH-MSR7. Ideas?
Thanks but these are skins and I want to change the cups.
Hello guys, I love my ES10 but would like to get new cups as they are too scratched and possibly a better cable. Any shop or DIYer can help me do that? Changing the cups is easy but sourcing them...
One of them, two at most is far enough and you enjoy them more. I have way too many.
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