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It is definitely worth it.
Some brands working mostly on marketing are not too fond of the headphone list. I remember someone being none too happy of the ranking of this (then) flagship by Average Joe...I am happy to see these rankings with look much less like paid reviews than what you see on certain blogs...
Only 3000$, meeeh I am not interested in budget rigs.
You feel its bass impact is insufficient? With Westone star tips I find it slamming very hard. Not to me to on with the custom silicon tips.
So let me get this clear, you convinced her to allow you to get it AND you want her to pay for it :D Man you got some nerveĀ 
He gives like zero crap about clients.
Yes they are investigating this new technology using Camelon skinĀ 
Very different from memory.
Don't get me started on leather case burn in.
Well actually the Dignis case does affect the sound, depending on the color. The blue is good for Jazz and Blues, the red one is good for rock, and when it gets a patina, it sounds better with ALT rock. Black is good for rap and electro. It is a hassle to change the case but definitely worth it as the SQ changes are night and day.
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