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we won't let you. We will send you mails with pics of gear and call you with special offers mwahahahaha.
Design and finish of this C5 are quite nice.
Sent by PM.
I did enjoy Koze and Talabot quite a lot. I have a "to listen" playlist of albums bought recently of 130 albums, and I am currently listening to album 25...recent likes include Matthew E. White - The Big Inner, Perera Elsewhere, POLICA, Holy Herdnon, Darkside, some sounds of Beatport, Arcade Fire (mastering sounds bad though IMO), Xenia Rubinos, Sampha, Ruby Pins, Disclosure, Mykki Bianco, Dawn of Midi, Chastity Belt.I also recommend to listen to NovaTunes, compilations...
I just took 240 over 120 II for memory reasons. And because the 120II did not exist at the time.
All a matter of taste and pairing. Recently the maker of this card recommended a mod involving removing the gain component. I did not do it, but it supposedly improves it further.
Yep, the V2, the yellow one. Really like it.
So you got a cable more expensive than the DAP?
But of course Hugo DAC sound with a Wagnus amp section and a clip zip battery life in an AK100 package would be better still.
Similar SQ in a smaller package with better UI and battery would suffice IMO.
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