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I have not heard the Andromeda but I know the Zeus well and from all the Andromeda review this seems exaggerated...
Maybe it is my old ears
They will put out a new hybrid called the Andrega.
Plus we sometimes all mean different things. The Sony has a fuller sound, to my ears then the AK, so it can sound less airy, and thus less wide, but the thickness giving an impression of depth. It all depends what one values at this level...
And that the sign for me to unsub! Have fun guys.
Not that I heard.
AK380 lacks the depth of the WM1Z in my opinion. Beautiful detail and clarity but no depth.
Yes let us hope they can optimize UI speed with FW. Only other issue to me is weight. In my suit pocket, my jacket is clearly leaning to one side...
Well apparently there is a rule that you can't listen to Jazz with Andro, or Ken will come to your apartment and take your iems away.
I never had one. Just tried briefly.
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