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I am equal parts annoyed and pissed.
Yeah JH are very classy on this move...
I am not stupid...I just expected, wrongly, a little bit more respect towards the Roxanne owners after all Jerry put them through.
After taking close to a year to deliver my Roxannes, who Jerry said would be the flagship of the Siren Series (he clearly said it repeatedly, because he knew no one would buy it otherwise) the flagship is replaced by another more expensive one. I personally feel cheated by Jerry Harvey. Plus this new flagship comes at an incredible price. No wonder they partner with AK....both brands seems seem to consider they customer in the same manner. Gullible walking wallets. And...
I think he meant alternatives to XLD to tag. Mp3tag works perfectly, my FLAC are spotless on both RWAK240 and P1.
Thanks. I usually do not talk about changes in sound with cables as it is a slippery slope IMO. But I feel there is possibly a slight improvement in clarity and bass definition. Takes approximately 4 or 5 weeks.
This is an interesting comparison but indeed not how I expected the R to sound. What I appreciate is that you seem to really value the 846 while many people do not really dare say they are good because it is not cool to. I am impressed you prefer the 846 bass over the K10, as many say the K10's is better, but I guess they where all partial to the K10.
Now you are being sarcastic 😏
Soon robots will rule the world. But not just yet.  
It is not just random names, it has to be famous women from rock songs...Roxanne from Police, Angie from the Stones, Layla from Clapton, etc.
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