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I actually almosy walked out with either the Lotoo Paw Gold or the AK Jr. The PG offers a totally different sig from the AKs, more musical and powerful to my ears, at a much lower price, and is build like a tank. The Jr offers SQ that I feel close to the 240Ss with iems, at a fraction of the price and size.
The Lotoo Paw Gold has less soundstage width than the AK380, but at least equivalent depth. The PG has quite an intimate stage width wise in general in humble opinion.
Did you not think AK380 had wider, airier soundstage ?
Yes but the design of the M2 seemed so half baked to me, preferred the M1.I did not hear the 380 as shouty, very smooth and easy on the ears. What did I you use to audition?
Ever heard of JH Audio?
Phone wise, I own a Oneplus, and will get the next model. They have top performance, cost only 350, and the battery life craps all over iPhone and Samsung. I don't use it for music, but supposedly they sound nice. As for the Tera, I am happy I got mine under 1k long ago...still worth the 1k but not more IMO.
Man you are I China, check out Stephen Guo and Beat Audio.
Do you have equity in a full sized headphone company? Otherwise you arguments make absolutely no sense whatsoever, and repeating them will not make them truer. To be clear (because you seem to need clarity), let me use a comparison: when people ask for advice on a high end compact car for the city, how useful is it to tell them to get out of their compact car comfort zone (whatever that means) to buy a Hummer. Not one bit. But you know what, I think I'll get a full-sized...
Don't even get me started ;)
Man so glad I got a stealth at 1k.
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