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I like it.
So I am confused, are you rich and smart or poor and stupid
Hello guys, anyone heard of / the new Alo flagship cables?
I hope the Lotoo sounds more neutral than the Calyx M which was a bit to obviously full sounding. 901 is more refined IMO.Weight is not an issue for me...if SQ is there. What amp board on the 901? Because I find that differences are huge. Standard
My main shallow issue on this is the looks of the Lab1. Whereas the ASg 2.5 is ok.
Thanks man, seems like you will have a Lotoo compare tomorrow mwahahahaha
Thanks so much, indeed 846 seems more a flavor to complete my collection.
I am not sure. I only own the NT6, not the UERM. But I find the NT6 on the brighter side of neutral. Still amazing though.
Man it is a piece of work from the higher planes of existence. 600$ is not a tip, it's a contribution to the sacred.
Well he is just a potential customer stating the obvious. But this thread is and has always been ONLY for adoration...too bad that it is going back to it, after getting much better for a while.Nobody is asking for anything by the way. But laughing at the idea of a sale and expecting that people should run over each other to pay more is...well not so surprising here.At some point on this thread it always comes back to this.
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