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AK DAPS are quiet but the 240 is far from sounding as good as the LPG with the R.
The UE seems to help I think.
Hum I doubt the impedance of the cable would make a significant difference. An impedance adapter can.
Cables will only change the sound if their impedance is different. I would much recommend you play with sources before investing in cables.
How do you think the Mojo compared to the CU with sensitive iems?
Thanks guys, it is interesting that there are as many opinions as there are people. All quite honest. Some people wrote to me and told me they blind tested and heard no difference between versions. At this point I am thinking getting the copper or the black for the looks, without amp.
Does anyone here think there is no difference between Ak380cu and stock? You can PM me if you want to avoid arguments on the thread. Does anyone think there is no benefit to the amp when using iems? I have had plenty of people with the opposite opinion on both and I would like to hear some contradiction.
Burn in and now musical sounding cables, you guys want my death
PMed you. I would also be interested in hearing what changes inside an iem, because drivers don't, tubes don't, and wiring doesn't.
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