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Is it TWau or TWag? Because TWau is the flagship and doea not have a V3.
Want want want.
Bootsy were you able to try the Sieve with your own iems?
Everytime you write, they have it translated and then translate their answer so it is a lengthy process
This is totally a matter open for discussion, but not for this thread. And yes, you can screw the market repeatedly by educating it with the adequate marketing strategies. Want is created by offer in this market.
They are even too deep...they will never need that much depth.
The ZX1 could have digital output to Hugo, using only a combination of two cables. The sony WMC-NWH10 (and no other) as well as a usb to mini usb cable. Not sure for other Sony DAPs though.
Free market, not screw market. Being in a free market does not need to be synonymous with anal intrusion for each new product from AK.
It takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on the day.
Only REF1 is balanced
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