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I finally received my reshelled babies (my ears had changed so I had them reshelled) and I had forgotten how incredible they sound...such weight and definition in each note. Grzegorz is apparently using a new lacquer making them even more durable. Oh and he is now using Pelican boxes !  
Oh that is a good post. No irony. Seriously a good post.
Wow that sounds exactly like something I would love to listen to. If I had not just started an ultra demanding and high pressure job in a new city that leaves me little brain for anything else.
More complicated than that but totally off topic. So back to Fitear. I think the main issue for Fitear not selling overseas is that they feel they cannot guarantee the same level of after sales.
Yes easier to know what you are buying...not so much.
Sounds great but is it accessible for non specialists? Besides the length scares me a bit as I do not know how I would find the time.
Are you kidding? Come to China and let's talk about it again. Regulatory minefield AND the highest markup on Fitear Ciems.
What is I2S?
I loaded the new firmware and did some AB testing with my NT6 between the ZX1 and the 901. I do not know if it is the new firmware or if I had never noticed, but the ZX1 has a significant mid bass boost vs 901. Overall the ZX1 has more width and air, but the 901 has more depth and is smoother all over.
Your wife asked us not to.
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