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The SE5 sounds nice but I think it is more related to the fact that it was reshelled and is thus more neutral... Man but 550 for a cable is sort of ridiculous...even if I already paid that in the past.
What about other cables? Because I have been using DHC Fusion and Olso II with NT6 and not sure about benefits. What about with SE5? I am using TWAu.
Is the cable not too massive? Do you really hear a clear difference....I am always skeptical on cables.
None that I tried. And I tried most except Calyx M and Cowon P1.
Man, are you crazy!? This is not what these are for. You should use them only to compare your iems and write reviews. And sometimes to see if what the graph says seems accurate. Listening to music...what has this hobby come to I ask you.
 I will let you know...I was not fully convinced of the 901 - Roxanne duo...a bit too dark sounding IMO.
Even if I do not always agree with him...he lays it out pretty well here. The 901 is the best and litteraly KICKS THE CRAP out of the AK120. I had some AK fanboys telling my ears were not refined enough to see AK120 was actually better...well lolz on that.
Yes in the middle, as if I suddenly lowered it. Weird.
Btw, with Hugo connected to RWAK240 through optical, at one point I had a drop in volume. Anybody ever experience that with the Hugo?
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