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I would say not. They sound alike, so the combo would be a little rich IMO. I would think the 1Z would make a neutral iem sound more like the Plus5.
Plus5 lovers will certainly love this one
I am not really clear who is who now between ibasso / oriolus / mini audio.
I am very good friends with Geronimo Albus Oriolus, the founder of Oriolus.
  These are different things. From what I understand there will be two new models: The Oriolus Forsteni, more mid--range hybrid. This is the grey one, around 350$ (http://www.tellementnomade.org/news-salon-fujiyaavic-2016/)  The Oriolus Milenus, a 10 BA TOTL, around 2000$ (to be confirmed)
don't unsub yet it might be wrong.
I wonder if the new 256g card from Samsung would work.
It is harder in the morning if you just showered, because your ears will be dry. Later in the day the inside of your ears will be more...slippery
No written anywhere at canjam (or whatever event there are at) told me.
A little bird told me great sound, but probably prices around 2k.
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