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Especially given the fact that prototype impressions were quite bad if I recall.
Actually all JH iems are one and the same, differences are in our head. Actually maybe all iems on the planet are the same, it's a conspiracy.
Ok so not too slim but at least sexy.
I also think DAPs as they are expensive toys that are bought solely for pleasure should focus on sleak and modern designs.
Sorry I mean middle aged
Warren really played you...the characters actually means "old fart who enjoys intercourse with goats". Hanzi are very concise.
That's hoping it will only happen once.
Sorry for the rudeness, but man, Jerry Harvey really has some huge b.... on him to take 3k of your money and send you a customs with holes in the the finish. When you see what Fitear, Noble or Vision Ears and Rhines, or custom art produce, even the latest Spiral Ears, JH should be a bit ashamed. On the positive side, their people at the repair department are really nice...
I once again not convinced by design and build.
I agree, and not only for electro :  
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