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Have you read / heard any comparison with other top players?
  You should not sell for anything...
No. He meant what he said in his post, which was very clear. If you try to summarize it by saying something else, of course it will not work. I hate when people do that. What he said, quite explicitely:Wagnus does not add SQ to Hugo, balances the sound when he feels it is too bright With certain iems, M performs as well as Hugo + Wagnus, meaning that M is sufficient to maximize the potential of these iems.
If you use iems, is the gap between Calyx M and Hugo + Wagnus still huge?
JH contaminated by AK greed? Anyways, they could at least hurry up a bit in releasing kits allowing 3rd party cable makers to make Roxanne cables. I would certainly make one with fixed bass at 12 o'clock.
I am curious as to whether JH is selling balanced cables for AK240 to custom Roxanne owners. They do produce these cables for the AKR03 so...
2650 RMB or so...yep..but 901 + 256sd + Discrete card is still much cheaper than AK240
Nope sorry.
Maybe because you carry in your pants' pocket?
151gigs on board, works well.
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