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And with discrete amp card and NT6...bliss. Need to run some iem by iem comparisons with RWAK240 again.
Man this player just sounds so good.
You forgot all combinations with cable not plugged in.
Man JH needs to get kits going out so 3rd party cables can be made.
Today I was listening to the 901 with the new FW with discrete amp card and my NT6 with Beat Oslo II cable...well as much as I like the RWAK240, well the 901 remains my best sounding DAP. So impressive everytime. Even if the Hugo is technically superior, the 901 has that something.
It's you Kiats? Now you should try with 1plus2...or even better, with SE5. Best pairing ever IMO.
Loaded the new firmware. Works perfectly. Not sure all the album art is there. I spot no obvious change in sound, maybe slightly fuller?
Nope I do everything through my computer and the transfer. Plus I have several DAPs so I need to feed them all.
Well I am a 35 year old French guy too and I buy tons of music from Qobuz and fill the A240 up
Thanks Tom, this makes sense and feels close to what I hear with my NT6. But if I pair it with the 901, which is powerful and slightly warm, it gives the NT6 depth and balances this brightness just a bit.
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