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Well since the brand is Negra's main OEM I guess it makes sense.
Like Jin Juhua?
Well that is great for you!
People exaggerate. I have the SS and the RWAK240, and differences, if they exist, are below 1%. I think the music might be more vibrant, but it might just be the added echo from the emptiness of my wallet.
Valid point about not commenting on things you haven't heard, but volume and power are different.
And I would like to remind I sold NT6, 901, Hugo, Kaede, etc. So this is easily financed. I realised I just need one or two awesome DAPs...and the RWAK240SS is quite a treasure, although a very unreasonably priced one to say the least.
only 2.9
And there goes the R word.
It means that you should not have sex with your customs no matter how much you love them because obstructing the canals in such a way voids the warrantee.
Well she also knows AK240SS = Mim happy = Mim not a PITA.
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