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Crap we have a head-fi meme.
Hit the road plug
You mean for all 5 remaining? Great.
Nice jack. The beat audio jack works perfectly on the SS.
When you say slightly, do you mean you really have to concentrate and would not differentiate in a blind test? It is hard to answer but just give me a general idea if you can.
Any beat audio cable can be sheathed in black.
Man come one, we can't ignore when someone complains and send them to another thread. These points are valid.
I'll take ten.
So apparently the 380 is : 500k Yen in Japan (4000$) 4300 euros (4800 USD) in Europe ( 23 888 RMB in China (3800 USD)   What happened to 3500$ (already fairly steep)?
Congrats, nice cable.
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