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Nice. Where did you get the balanced cable?
That is just your opinion and very different from what I hear, I find 901 to be the top player soundwise currently and I owned most of them. So please stop stating things as fact when they are just your opinion. Besides this opinion is based on very partial testing because you only tried one amp card, the one with the lowest technical performance.Besides, to get back to the P1 do not start saying P1 is better than DX100. The guy really said it was preliminary.
Great pic H.
Please do not be insulting, I doubt you would do it face to face.It is not what I come here to see and find it lame. Besides thinking it is cool is quite pathetic. This forum is populated by kids and it is hard enough to stop smoking, so make it look cool to these kids is harmful. But if you like pics of metal pipes and plastic bottles of nicotine have blast.I will not answer further posts on the subject.
Well keep it in the non audio gear forums and have a blast.
I really have no idea why we have e-cigs in this thread. Not only is there no link with audio, but there is nothing interesting about it. It would be the same if I posted audio gear next to an electronic nose tweezer. Am I missing something or is it supposed to be cool?
Now these really look incredible.
比Calyx M 大多了
I should have my Roxannes when I get back home from vacation in 4 days...but I feel / hope the RWAK240 will be a better match than the 901.
You are welcome...send a resume and some pics
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