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Well since % of SQ does not mean much, and is just another way to say a little or a lot, it could be Mozart would claims it, it would not mean much more.
So basically the town whore...
Hello Rudi thands for the feedback, I have not tried the SS, but compared the Lotoo to the AK240 and it is true the Lotoo stage is a bit more narrow. However, I do not find it veiled, it is more that the Lotoo has a deeper soundstage, so mids come from further. The 240 wins in clarity anyways but I wonder if the Lotoo does not have better driving power for cans.
I've just revised my plan to kick your ass
What I am trying to understand is WHY does it sound better. Only the casing seems to be quite stretch no?
You were right Anak, I hate you.
No issue on my side with 1.98b
more likely it is for a woman
Thanks guys, I think Jelt is the one who answered exactly what I wanted to understand. He will be receiving a box of all my appreciation. @H20, thanks I understand the theory, I was just not sure if extension above 10k actually translates into something clearly audible.
I did ask Grzegorz if it still has the same high impedance to ensure good pairing with the Tera, and it does. Will confirm with my ears.
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