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I did not go from Roxanne to 335. I had the 335 before. I do not prefer one over the other clearly. The 335 are more comfortable, and also impossible to resell. The Roxannes have a slightly darker tonality, but they have more extended highs than the 335, and at my setting, around 12', the Roxannes have less bass. I have never listened to the K10.
Thanks. SE5 ultimate, Fitear 335, Tralucent Ref1 and maybe Lab1, and ATH-ES10 for headphone.
I did not know her, thanks it's nice. Gonzales I saw in concert, really really good.   If we are talking Swedish singers, guys please please listen to the most beautiful...     And for complete eargasm the knife remix:  
I am letting my custom Roxannes go if anyone is interested. As well as my Toxic Cable Roxanne Cable obviously. I like them but really have to many fit issues with them. See my sig.
To get the required permission you must first send a recent urine sample and your highest diploma to Jude Mansilla. Your file will be taken into the trial process for 5 years and you will them receive your card of junior headfier.
Yes, and any place to demo them in Beijing?
Great. These are awesome customs, but I am putting them for sale. My ear shape changes often (no idea why), so I only want to keep two customs : my favorite, the SE5 and the 335 (cannot be sold).
Maybe 9 months and then 5 refits...
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