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What is the actual use of this thing? Balanced LO?
Only 750? I don't think iriver are asking enough....with that money you could only buy a DX90 and a X5...
Anyone here tried the Vorzamp Pure II with the AK240? Wonder if it would bring anything.
An no more ladies.
I have nothing to back it up but I suspect this "tuned for AK240" is bullcrap. Anyhow, I doubt the universal version, even tuned for AK240, could beat the custom version. But that is just me, because I prefer customs, and the Roxy being huge, universals are a hassle.
Why on earth would you do that?
Actually the RWAK240 does not really give a fuller sound, I find it stays on the thinner side, but gives weight and depth to the bass.
So I asked JH about procuring a balanced cable for the Roxanne customs to use on the AK240 and they said, confirmed by Andy Regan, that the cable could be obtained from AK.
It is not normal.
What goes around comes around, JH will be losing business all around the way they dealt with this....especially with all the new competition coming in.
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