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Could you develop on the Layla being not good?
Great pics.
I have not heard the Layla, but from product description, they do not seem comparable. One is a reference type iem, while the other is a bass heavy laid back treble iem.
Leave me alone, I love DAPs!
Thanks all for the feedback...I do not know why I want this player so much,the looks are really tacky but I just crave it.
I loved the AK100 form factor. I might try the MKII at some point.
I don't know if this is a loan, but it doesn't seem like you are letting this one go...your first new DAP since...well the AK120 no?
That is more or less how I heard it when testing the PG. The AK was wider, but the PG was deeper and seemed to have more power. However the AK seemed to have the edge on clarity. I suppose it is the depth on the PG that makes it sound maybe more distant and thus giving the illusion of less clarity. Need to test again vs. the SS.
Kiats have you compared the PG with the AK240 or AK240SS or RWAK240?
I'll take the house.
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