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Looks a bit ugly, not well finished and not convenient. I mean the wireworld cable on the pic.
Are you kidding? At even 2 hours a day you need less than 2 months to reach 100 hours.
Yes thanks I saw that but doesn't tell me much on how it will really look like. Will do some research.
OH you mean it is thick and unwieldy? Impossible to find a real picture of it.
I saw on their site it is 450$ for iems right? But I don't understand how to chose connectors and the rest. Confusing.
What's special about it? I thought you were not a cable guy.You should try the AAW900, great hybrid.
Infomedia is the OEM for Nagra.
Ok thanks
No I mean if you want to adapt a 4.4mm balanced iem cable to us it on DAP with 3.5mm SE jack
So let me get this clear, a 4.4mm female to 3.5 male is fine?
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