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well at 400$ a pop, one will be enough for me :S
what do the magazines say?
Now I can put A LOT of music on my 901.
My peasant fingers are more rugged and thus need no such apparatus.
You cannot talk about bang for the buck on a 2.5k DAP and a 500$ mod. The mod adds some body and depth to the that worth 500$? In the real world of not so  crazy people, no. In our world...maybe. My key issue today is to ask myself if the 240 brings something on top of the 901.
Actually my RWAK240 is a lazy ass DAP, he prefers to lie down.
I strongly disagree, it allows your AK to stand upright, and you can't put a price to your DAPs dignity !
You would be the first one to thinl you should try some other configuration. But anyways that's fine if the R10 makes you happy to each one his own
I only use iems...more for the flavor.
Hey guys, even if it is usually not my thing, best amp to pair with AK240? Has to be very portable, not the Hugo as I have it and not the Wagnus as it is too big.
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