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I was kidding of course. Maybe matter of pairing too.
No SQ issue for me with the new firmware on the Ref1. Are you guys listening after a few glasses of scotch? Because this causes muddy sound from time to time.
But it will never sound as good with the mobile version why Fang why??!? Well let's try it out first and see.
The fit was ok but I lose seal when I move my mouth. So I wanted thicker canals. They are back next Monday, for good I hope.I am just a poor lonely man waiting for his Roxannes with only his Ref1, SE5 and NT6 to listen to
I have sent them 3 times (yes, one two three). It depends. If it is a minor adjustment they receive it and send back the next. If it is full reshell, they keep it a few weeks. Sue, whi handles repairs, is much better in terms of communication than what I experienced when initially waiting for my order.
Yep, it's like comparing Tarkovski and Almodovar. You shouldn't.
I wonder if this Lotoo sounds really good. Anyone know if it can be tried in Beijing?
901 is more airy, has more depth, more details, more extension.
X5 sounds good with SE5, in my memory, quite akin to 901 but not as good...but I did not like the shape and UI. Felt cheap to me. For the cards, iem is to be avoided, sounded bad with SE5 to my ears, with sort of sibilant raspy mids. Balanced is good and discrete is more neutral. Never tried Minibox. Never listened to DX9O.
Some 901s are at 850 here on HF which is a steal IMO when considering the SQ of this baby.
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