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I think a headfier should be able to speak his mind without a MOT, so someone who obviously can not be detached and subjective, jumping at his throat in a condescending manner.The Wizard's answer on the other hand was much more measured and informative.
I do not have a fitting problem...the seal is good. It is just that I do not get as much pleasure from an uncomfortable universal and a custom. The custom makes the sound more visceral as there is a larger area of contact and thus more bone conduction. The VE6 sounds very good. It is just that having the SE5 and NT6 I need to fall in love to buy anything else and it is not the case.
As far as DAPs are concerned I would not put 2.5k...but that is personal
I am having a hard time having and objective opinion on the VE6. They both sound really nice, but with demos the fit and isolation are just bad, so it is hard to compete with my customs. Any how the X2 is quite neutral but I do find that out of the 901, it sounds a little congested. It is better out of the Hugo, but I am not seduced by it. The ZX1 sounds bigger to my ears...more power, more width and depth, more air, deeper bass. It sounds quite exciting, but so far I...
Please keep to impressions and not have ten pages of discussions on everything and nothing like the other (unfollowable) thread.
I am having a hard time relating to the 901 balanced missing details. Only the Hugo had more...but then again never tried AK240.
Zx1 pairs with NT6 ok, but a bit too bright and fatiguing. Prefer with 901
someone wants a discount on the ref 1
I am skeptical on the fact that the transport has an excellent impact on SQ.
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