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It would be interesting to have a purely amp glove for the AK240.
The issue, and once again this mostly theoretical as I had 5 minutes with it, is that the Cowon MIGHT not pair as well as the 240 with warmer iems such as Roxannes or be tested and confirmed though.
Depends what sound you like. Ref1 pairs very well with it balanced. Roxannes too. If you go into CIEMs, tons of possibilities.
Thanks for the confidence and compliments guys but I did invent this. Of course I made it sound like the dream CIEM we all want.
Well if that's the case I might exchange. It will be easy in China.
I justed talked to Gavin and indeed they are preparing a hybrid custom together, 5 way 7 drivers. The 557SGUR, Suyama Gavin Ultimate Reference.
They have not solved the main issue with 901 which is that the AK players are twice as sexy. Plus I am a bit wary about downgrading the DAC.
Ask Gavin, I think they are partners.
This seems like a video on Taiji 2.0, so on the nee firmware, not on the 901s.
Thanks! I might have time in 2017.
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