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Because it sounds too similar to other things I have, namely KSe1500, which is better but much more expensive
Or you could just buy mine
These two have a very good sound in general (Zeus and Mojo).
VERY looking forward to hear more vs. Andro
Not that I a huge believer in cable but I have a Beat Audio Prima Donna 8 wire. Like it a lot.
Are you going to whip the highs with the cable to tame them? Naughty!
The Pristine is definitely a top contender, doesn't fit in my line up much with the KSe1500. I have never tried the Andromeda so I cannot say. But if the Pristine is more resolving (which I really do not know) then the Andromeda is less interesting to me.
This is very cool but we still need your man card back.
Yeah it's like fairies, not because we cannot see them that they don't exist.
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