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Yes much shorter, my CF refit took barwly a week. Should get it Monday.
 I am in the same situation, but the problem is not too let me know how it goes with Vinnie.
I am very intrigued. A few reliable friends on the 4.2 demo tour said it sounded worse than a 50$ iem. They asked for another pair and it was the same. And now it ranks above SE5 and NT6, which I know. So either these are not very consistent in quality, either they are very polarising taste wise, either there is alien intervention...something is not right.
So is this vokume6 problem a fw issue for sure? Does 1.6 solve the problem vs. 1.5?
I wonder if any good silver cable would do...I generally work with Peter from DHC..for this one I might try Wagnus.
Anyone ever some problems with the volume knob? Some imprecision, volume going a bit up instead of down, etc?
Don't understand your question? My objective woudld to be to have a smaller cable.
Isn't it 3 times as large though?
Thanks guys. So far source wise I would say 901 discrete card > Tera >= RWAK240. It must be an impedance thing but unlike in some other pairings I get more clarity with 901 than with the sound has more depth. Little edit...not so perfect actually with Tera. I do get some bass cut. It is still great from acoustic music.
Thanks. Not a fan of the Tralucent ergonomics...
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