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Hi Jin again,   You said the Magnumified Grado is better than the RS1. So less bright or more bright as that's important as many Grados are usually north of neutral.   Thanks.        
Thanks Jin!   Wow, Nicole, a very comprehensive options list of what can be considered! Excellent there for all would be modders to consider at all budget levels. Like me ..........        
        Hi all,   As it's impossible to read all 90+ pages of this thread at one go, can I ask which parts you guys deem the most VFM to change? I assume the best is to get a cheap second hand SR60 and mode it up or it will be better to get the full Magnum kit, as listed above, to assemble. At how high a level of the Grado HP chain do you guys think that's equivalent to in terms of sound quality? Well, PS1000, PS500, etc?   Thanks for your invaluable feedbacks on these as...
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