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I've been using a pair of Etymotic HF5s for about a year and a half now and have loved them. The primary reason I got them was to use as IEMs when I drum but I use them whenever I'm listening to music as well. I'm a huge fan of the analytical sound they present as well as the sound stage. One thing I was warned against and have noticed is that there's really no low end to them (at least physically), but since I'm using them mostly for live performing that doesn't matter....
So thanks to the help of some great feedback, I'm down to deciding between the HF5 and DBA-02. I was leaning towards the DBA-02 but every place is out of stock and I need my IEMs sooner than that. So I'm going to bite the bullet with the HF5s. Thanks to everyone who has given their 2 cents. I'll hopefully get a review up in a week or so once I get them and have a chance to put them through their paces.
So I'm crossing the ER6i's off of the list. Through some more reading I've discovered that the HF5's are supposed to be in a completely different league from the ER6i's.
Thanks, that exactly the kind of input I'm looking for. Does anyone know how the others that I've picked fare in mid bass?
bump   Is my post just too long? It seems like I see people with very poorly written and very short posts get answers almost immediately.
Currently I use VicFirth Isolation Headphones for my ipod or monitor mix whenever I play. Unfortunately they change the sound a good bit and they restrict volume quite a bit to prevent you from destroying your ears. Also, I would much prefer something that isn't so bulky.   So I've been looking through the forums and trying to find people's suggestions for good IEMs for drummers. I've found quite a few options that I think would be good, but it's hard to make a...
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