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  Thanks guys! Feelin' the support for sure  Of course I'd much rather see my SALE, which I'm checking the website obsessively for... gah
 I've noticed this sometimes, but its always due to fit. Are you getting a good seal on both ears? 
 An Aune T1. I can't say where I'm waiting for a sale because it would be against forum rules, but it should happen within the next week or so. As soon as that comes through, I'll also be picking up a Project Ember and Mad Dogs v3.2. It'll be my first venture into hi-fi other than my TF-10's and I'm terribly excited. I've been waiting to buy the Mad Dogs for over a year and the DAC/amps for at least a few months.
Does it count if I haven't ordered yet, but have been sitting around waiting for a specific section of my soon-to-be audio chain to go on sale before I can start my spending spree? (I know the sale will be coming soon, I just don't know when) 
 That's gonna vary greatly depending on which receiver you're talking about and which ss/hybrid amp you're comparing it to. As well as on who you ask.
 I'll be very interested to hear your opinion of the Starlight when you get the headphones, as I'll be purchasing an Ember soon.
  Sorry, I meant the way the *artist* hears it IN the studio, not the producer. The producer hears it with speakers, the artist listens to everything else with headphones while playing/singing their part. So yes, you two are correct and I retract my statement. 
Great review, I read it on Headfonics and I read it again!  
 Well, to each their own I suppose  Although for the sake of argument, I'll point out that most music is mixed with headphones on, so the way the producer heard it is the way we would hear it with headphones on, rather than loudspeakers.
 I'm going to disagree here. Although I agree one doesn't need the highest end equipment to enjoy music and that no equipment can reproduce the real thing, and I won't even attempt to argue those points, I personally prefer headphones to loudspeakers any day. I wish I could tell you what it is, and I suppose it is possible that I have somehow only heard bad speakers, but I enjoy having sound directed where its appreciated, to my ears. 
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