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 Which one are you referring to? I don't know much about the Burson, but the Ember is supposed to have plenty of power
 I'm planning on getting them simultaneously with Mad Dogs, actually. Specifically for that pairing. I assumed that that was implied, since this IS the mad dog amp pairing thread, but I guess not. Also the fact that I said as much on the last page might've been a good clue, but yeah.
Burson Audio ha-160 is on sale for $400, now I don't know what I want to do. I was originally going to go with Aune T1 for my DAC and Project Ember for my amp, should I replace Project Ember with the Burson?
 I've read that the Orange Globe's color the sound though, I'm looking for something as flat as possible :P Thank you!
Does anyone know a neutral sounding, transparent tube with a wide soundstage that is widely/cheaply available? All I could find was the Telefunken PCC189, but they don't seem to be very common.
 I'll post here as soon as I get it, but I won't be purchasing for a couple weeks probably. Same goes for Project Ember.
I've read that the Aune T1 does a good job with the Mad Dogs, and it's a tube DAC with an ss amp. Personally I like a warm and smooth sound so in the next couple weeks I'll be picking up a T1 to use as a DAC, Project Ember as an amp, and of course, a shiny new pair of Mad Dogs
Ahhhh no worries. I'm ready for the long haul anyways 
Someone in the deals thread who ordered while they were out of stock said theirs have shipped, maybe ours will come earlier than expected!
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