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I don't know if any of the more experienced head-fiers are willing to do so, but I'm curious to see in a review to what extent you can turn up the bass with the bass port.
Hi guys! I don't own an LCD-2, and sadly don't plan to. I will, however, be making a mid to hi-fi purchase very soon, and need some help figuring out what I want. I love the dark, liquid Audez'e sound, but simply can't afford to shell out $1000 dollars for the headphones alone. Originally I was going to buy the Mad Dogs, which are well known for having a bit of a darker sound. However, I decided to extend my budget for the headphones to around $600. At that price point,...
Well, I managed to get a $30 dollar promotional credit as well. No dice on honoring the price though. Oh well, better than I expected. 
 I believe that they're releasing an HE-7, aren't they? Also, anyone have news on the new Fostex TP? Old/new driver, etc?
Anyone else interested in the new Fostex -RP headphone? Not sure if I should be putting of buying my Mad Dogs...
 I think that that's a very subjective question. They are different sounding phones which both do great for their purpose.
  Hey now, I'm just poking fun at y'all haha, no offense taken  There was really nothing to talk about in my post at all, hence it was rather odd to see people replying to it 
Just thought it was curious everyone decided to quote me but talk to MattTCG :3
 Oh my lord, they really are pretty, aren't they? Congrats!
 Oh no not the Crack! That Schiit is downright addictive. I think the best advice here comes from Biggie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85YIezL8Q9A
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