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Mmkay, not particularly interesting to me at least. Looks like I'll be going LCD-2 after all.
Any news on fostex?
True, but I'm generally not spending some 1000 dollars give or take on a movie 
 Basically, the things I'm most seriously considering right now are the LCD 2, the Alpha Dog, and the HE-500. I *think* the Project Ember should be enough to drive whichever one of the three I end up picking. From what I can tell, LCD 2 have a darker sound, HE-500 are more treble happy, and although there are only preliminary impressions in, Alpha Dogs seem to be somewhere in the middle. As you two have suggested, I'll keep reading until a deal pops up or something....
Has anyone ever compared the DAC section of the Aune to the Tubemagic D2?
 Oh lordy, what to do  Considering I can get the HE-500 for ~$580, and the LCD-2 for ~$1000, the HE-500 is starting to look mighty fine
 That's another thing I forgot to mention - I can't resell my cans. The end result if I was to go for the LCD-2, which is the way I'm leaning, is Aune T1 -> Project Ember -> LCD 2. I've heard the Project Ember has really good price to performance, and may or may not perform better than the Lyr. I don't know if thats a good enough setup to do the LCD-2 justice though. The other highest option to me would be Alpha Dogs. 
 Personally I'm hoping for something open, along the lines of 600-1000
So I've been saving and saving for a mid/hi-fi setup for a long time, and now that I'm finally here, I don't know which direction I want to take it. Originally, I was going to get the Mad Dogs and the Aune T1, and call it a day, since that was all I thought I'd be able to practically afford. However, I was waiting for a sale on the Aune T1 (which I'm still waiting for), and have accumulated far more money than I thought I would have (Something along the lines of 1200...
 Absolutely! I'd be happy to take some of those off your hands, solely to ease the burden of course. 
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