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Theyre actually very easy to clean: Use a q-tip to brush off wax from the comply tip
Wonder who those people could be? 
Lemme just say how beautiful the TF10 look with the FiiO replacement cable and blue comply tips
Well, on topic with the thread, I just ordered my LCD-2's from headroom, anxiously awaiting an email saying they shipped. I can't stop smiling, I'm so excited. On the flip side, I'm still waiting for that sale on the Aune T1.
Thanks guys! I really think its a beautiful phone, I'm so excited to see that "shipped" email come in. I'm smiling just typing this
Well, thanks to the lot of you, I am a good deal poorer, and the proud owner of a pair of b-stock LCD 2's!    Edit: Out of curiosity, am I the only one who greatly prefers the Bamboo look to the Rosewood?
Looks like I'm gonna be going for a pair of b-stocks on headroom. $900 dollars seems to be the best I'll get. Can anyone verify that they're rev 2?
Considering the alpha dogs happily sell for 600, I will respectfully disagree
Whens the last time the LCD-2 went on sale new? So basically for less than ~$1000
Open model... Interesting. Supposedly its nowhere near the end of its sonic construction though, so we wont get an idea for its sound
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