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Thanks, and same! Their sound really IS addictive, I haven't been able to get them off my head recently! And yeah, I hope so! Basically I had a grand total of $200 to spend, no more no less, and that combo came out to like, 70 cents underneath that. Fingers crossed it sounds good!
Thought I'd update you guys on my "strife": my LCD-2's are here, and I'm loving them! I'm now waiting on my Aune T1 to come (the sale came, and they've been ordered), as well as for my new budget speaker system (HiFiMeDIY Sabre DAC -> Lepai lp2020a+ -> Pioneer sp bs22lr) to come in. The suspense is killing me 
I can now add the Aune T1 to my signature, woo! My "sale" finally came through, proud to be a T1 owner with the rest of you!
I think they're crazily comfortable as well.
I don't think they're really "comparable", its sort of apples and oranges. For the record though, I just received a pair of LCD-2 and I also just ordered the Pioneer's, being driven from a cheap Lepai (not quite mini-X level of quality, but also not quite the price). I'll let you know what I think after I receive them, but heres a review I found
Well, I have them. My impressions are obviously to be taken with a giant grain of salt; I've driven them only out of my computer (at 100% they are decently loud) and a home theater receiver, and I've never listened to anything this "hi-fi" before. Still waiting on the Aune T1 sale which I know is coming, its just a question of when.  That said, wow. For starters, these are BEAUTIFUL. No questions asked. Nice to the point packaging, and a quality feel to all of it. And...
Heh, my crappy harmon/kardon computer speakers go all the way down, too.
How do you think the vali will work as a cheap amp for the LCD-2?
Not sure what to do now. I was originally gonna go for the Project Ember, but hmm... I think I still might, just because of tube rolling, looks, and also variable gain.
 Always love me some LSD 
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