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Sure thing! I'm bouncing in anticipation of them, as they are my first serious IEM's.   I've only been around a couple of days, but I've heard of MP4nation. Sounds fine, but I would wait for the opinion of someone who has bought from them.
I get my Kicker eb141's on Tuesday. If you'd like it, I would be happy to post up a review. They are 50 USD
BUMP Anyone got something to add?
bump anyone got an opinion?
Opinions? I bought them, just wondering what everyone else thought? Are they a good starting point for an audiophile new to the game, my first SERIOUS set of IEM's?
Throwing my Sennheiser ie-8's into the wash, be right back.   /lol jk, don't have ie-8's
Those seem great, but a little pricey for me.   Anyways, I'll write up a review on the Kickers when they come in, although I warn you, I am THOROUGHLY inexperienced.
Also, does anyone have an opinion on the Kicker eb141's?
Kickers aren't custom...
Thanks, and don't worry! I listen to my iTouch on volume 1, any louder is TOO LOUD :P   The articles are great, and I'll try not to break down I don't plan on going crazy, but when I have the impulse to buy some, and all lights say go, I'll go ahead and do it.   Anyways, thanks! This seems like a great, and helpful forum. By the way, correction, I JUST remembered, I'm fourteen. :P I turned fourteen this saturday, so I keep forgetting.
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