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As I said, I wont be using them for TRUE portable usage, I just don't want something hugely clunky and heavy.   So: Which has better sound for a semi-basshead, the M30, or the DT 235? HD 428s are a little pricey :P
So, for a portable sub 50 over ear, you would suggest the M30? Mind you, I don't know if long car rides, airplanes, and home use really requires portables :P Still, portability is a plus!
I just got Kicker eb141's. I'm really impressed with the sound, and I got them for 50 bucks ar Best Buy: You could probably buy them for 30-40 elsewhere. Heres my pre-burn-in review:
Rx-700's in the lead. Opinions?
OR NOT, I just heard that the rx700's actually have BETTER sound, they're just bulkier. How bulky are they really? Like, are they uncomfortably bulky? 
The only other option is the JVC m750, but I'm not sure if its worth the extra 10 bucks. I hear a lot of complaints about the speakers in the 750's blowing out... thoughts?
Actually, looking at the rx 700's, they seem to beat the M30's at almost everything. The frequency response is far better, going 12 hertz lower, and 5000 hertz higher. Also, it seems that everyone is VERY impressed by the bass on the rx700's, and less so on the M30's. The impedance is lower on the rx 700's, making it easier to drive without and amp. The only places where the M30 wins out are looks, size, and slightly less subdued vocals.   Now I'm leaning towards the...
Thanks!   Looks like its down to the M30 and the rx700. Inclined to get the M30's, but does anyone have an opinion?
Update: After less than 5 hours of burn-in, the sound has improved greatly. Bass has increased. It is big, booming, and all around amazing. Mids and Highs are becoming clearer as well. Volume has increased a good deal.
If you like bass, I strongly recommend the Kicker eb141's, although as I got them recently, I cannot attest to their durability.
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