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Thanks, I'll look into the 700's a bit more!   What about JVC m750s?   Just so you know, the place I'm looking for possiblities is this thread: I'm looking at the best to worst chart.
lol, yeah. They have quite a bit of bass, and I have a feeling that it will increase even more after burn-in.
M35: They look good, but I don't see a seller I would trust enough to buy from.
HD428: They seem great, but a little pricey compared to the ATH30's. $50 dollars off amazon vs. $40.   DT235: Haven't found too much on them, but I'll keep looking.   JVC RX700: Seem good, but I found many complaints about them getting hot quickly, and about bad sound isolation.   Do you have an opinion about the ATH30's?
50 dollars from Best Buy:   Truth be told, you can probably find them for $30, but I wanted to buy from a store located near me.   pics at the link, I'll take some later. Specs are also there, but heres the manufacturer's site: 
I have heard a lot about the Audio Technica ATH-30's, but thats just about it.   Does anyone have reccomendations for good headphones? I enjoy a good amount of bass, but am not a basshead. I would like crisp mids and highs. Generally, I listen to R&B, hip-hop :P, and rap.   If you post a link to a seller, please, make the seller reputable and well known.   Thanks!
So, the kickers came in today, November 9, 2010, at 5:47 PM Eastern time. Here’s my PRE BURN-IN review:   Packaging: Quite nice packaging, a paper box, flimsy plastic surrounding the headphones. Very good looking, and it serves its purpose. Nothing special here. 4/5   Build Quality: This is where I was impressed. Yes, the actual buds are made of plastic, but they feel VERY sturdy. The cord is similar to rope, seems strong, and hardy....
How much should I dilute the peroxide?
How would I go about cleaning my tips with Hydrogen Peroxide? Do I just leave them soaking in a cup of hydrogen peroxide? how long do I leave them in there? Can I reuse the hydrogen peroxide?   Thanks.
My friends are excited for Black Ops: I'm excited for IEM's.   I'll post an out-of-box review later, and then an after burn-in review. I'm not too experienced, so please excuse anything I miss in the review: just ask about it, and I'll fix it right away.
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