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I need the speedy shipping blessing too, so here I am. My vinyl headphone stand is late (the ebay users daughter fell sick, which normally I wouldn't believe but he's reputable and he approached me, I didnt have to bug him), and my Aune T1 should ship out today or tomorrow. I'm so pumped!
Almost sure its November 2013.
Just a heads up, this is a tube DAC with a SS amp.
I feel your pain, I can't imagine sending away my LCD-2's. They are quite addictive, but at least theres a light at the end of the tunnel!
As did I. I can't even...
 For starters http://www.head-fi.org/t/633006/aune-t1-usb-tube-dac-amp-discussion-thread-see-first-post-for-faq/2235#post_9591616 Supposedly, the T1 with the LCD-2 provides a fair amount of headroom. Secondly, yes, if you upgrade your gear, you will get better sound. Thats generally the way it works. But, the T1 will be enough to give me some headroom, which is what I'm looking for, as well as a substantial upgrade over just my computer.Third of all, the T1 is temporary as...
Today the whole speaker system came in. After some minor setup, everything is good to go without any major bumps in the road! They sound great, and the only thing that I'm waiting on now is the Aune T1... some time in the next two-three weeks, probably
Thanks, and same! Their sound really IS addictive, I haven't been able to get them off my head recently! And yeah, I hope so! Basically I had a grand total of $200 to spend, no more no less, and that combo came out to like, 70 cents underneath that. Fingers crossed it sounds good!
Thought I'd update you guys on my "strife": my LCD-2's are here, and I'm loving them! I'm now waiting on my Aune T1 to come (the sale came, and they've been ordered), as well as for my new budget speaker system (HiFiMeDIY Sabre DAC -> Lepai lp2020a+ -> Pioneer sp bs22lr) to come in. The suspense is killing me 
I can now add the Aune T1 to my signature, woo! My "sale" finally came through, proud to be a T1 owner with the rest of you!
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