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The joys of coding >.> fun when it works, frustrating at best when it doesn't Oh well, I can wait :) thanks
hey, ljokerl. is that review for the ht 21's comin' out tomorrow? I've been anxiously awaiting it  I need a pair of portables, so hopefully they turn out to be great... :D   triplefi 10 for 189, not sure if its too big a sale, but it sure is cheap :D
anyone, anyone at all? :P
Well, although no one else has really tried them -__-, may I suggest the Kicker eb141's? Some others in that price range: Meelec M6, brainwavz M1, brainwavz Pro Alpha, and for 10 bucks more, the brainwavz M2
interesting,,, anyone else have an opinion? I'm a bit of a basshead...
I've read reviews, and people don't think theyre worth it at 60-80 dollars, but what about at $25? Are they much better than the competition at that price level (cx300, m6)   thanks
superfi. 3's are now out of stock, I didn't see this fast enough to pick one up the Metro fi 220's are on sale for 25, too opinions?
pretty high, they have a different set of 'phones on sale every day
Well, right now, I'm in my 0-50 dollar price bracket. When I have what I want here, I'll move up to 50-100. I'm only 14, so I have to manage the meager amounts of money I DO have wisely. As of now, I'm looking at Meelec M6's and ht21's as well as Brainwavz Pro Alphas.
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