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anyone, anyone at all? :P
Well, although no one else has really tried them -__-, may I suggest the Kicker eb141's? Some others in that price range: Meelec M6, brainwavz M1, brainwavz Pro Alpha, and for 10 bucks more, the brainwavz M2
interesting,,, anyone else have an opinion? I'm a bit of a basshead...
I've read reviews, and people don't think theyre worth it at 60-80 dollars, but what about at $25? Are they much better than the competition at that price level (cx300, m6)   thanks
superfi. 3's are now out of stock, I didn't see this fast enough to pick one up the Metro fi 220's are on sale for 25, too opinions?
pretty high, they have a different set of 'phones on sale every day
Well, right now, I'm in my 0-50 dollar price bracket. When I have what I want here, I'll move up to 50-100. I'm only 14, so I have to manage the meager amounts of money I DO have wisely. As of now, I'm looking at Meelec M6's and ht21's as well as Brainwavz Pro Alphas.
Well, that pretty much decides it, I'm not getting them. Thanks, all!
Trust me, I searched. All I could find was that they were "bass less" or "neutral". Couldn't find any reviews, searched, looked in Joker's thread, everything.
How good are these in general? Sound quality, comfort, isolation? On sale for $45, so I'd like to pick them up soon if they're good.
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