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Well, that pretty much decides it, I'm not getting them. Thanks, all!
Trust me, I searched. All I could find was that they were "bass less" or "neutral". Couldn't find any reviews, searched, looked in Joker's thread, everything.
How good are these in general? Sound quality, comfort, isolation? On sale for $45, so I'd like to pick them up soon if they're good.
just wondering, how good are the SupreFi 3's, especially for that price?
alsp, fyi, UE says they're out of stock.
that doesn't seem to work...
My parents won't buy off Meelec's site, no matter what I tell them >.> I might be able to get one of my friends to order them for me though :)
I think I'll probably wait for the Meelecs :P Mind you, how long after release do you think they'll start popping up on sites like Amazon for sale?
kay, thanks! :)   How are they for the price?   I'm a bit of a basshead, but really, I don't care about the quantity so much as the quality. Mind you, I would like portables that are "fun" sounding. How do these fit me?   What other portables (BESIDES PORTA-PROS) are out there?
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