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IEMs, portas, or full size?
I've heard that the 5's are better for the price you pay, but a lot of people favor the 700's as far as sound goes, not including price.
I'll try to adress everything you commented on: Um, well, none of my other headphones seem to hiss. And there is hiss even when I pause the song. I'm not saying its the headphone's fault, just that its something to look out for. I think they're great, especially for the price I payed :D And yes, I think they DID master (or come close to mastering) the BA. I too have never tried the Pro/EBs. And the soundstage is AMAZING. No other way to put it.   I think...
Um, ht21's for $40 isn't a deal... Jus' sayin.
3.5? Come on, you KNOW they deserve more than that... That was HARSH, man... ljokerl was the one who recommended them to me in the first place, so I doubt he'd give 'em a 3.5... :P
THE BELOW-MENTIONED (IS THAT GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT?) THOUGHTS ARE MINE, AND ONLY MINE. YOU MAY DISAGREE WITH THEM, AND THAT SUCKS FOR YOU.   Well, I haven't listened to them for long, just got them, but here what I think right off the bat:   Packaging: Quite nice, gets the job done. Mind you, not incredible, and plastic.     Accessories: GREAT. 4 pairs of silicon tips as well as 2 pairs of Comply's? AND a cleaner and a (albeit, small, plastic) case?...
hey, thats good to know. :P thanks
why would someone get DHP ii's if they had JVC rx700's?
Okay, thanks. I was like, "Porta Pro IEMs?" Anyone heard of these?...
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