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Like EXACTLY the same? Replaceable cable and all? So I could order UE replacement parts? Also, I heard from some that build quality is an issue?
anyone, anyone at all?
Yeah, I know they're old. But I might get a pair, and I have a couple questions:   Is the sound quality really equal to/better than that of the Super.Fi 3? Does the detachable cable for the Super.Fi 3 fit the UHP336? This one, to be exact:   Thanks!
maybe you should go for a custom?
brainwavz sale is OVER >.>
Seriously, I second that. The M!'s are a steal at 40, let alone 20. I'm gonna buy them tomorrow, if the deals still around :P
hey, do you guys think the deal will last until tomorrow?
I have NO clue. Just thought I'd add to the thread :P I had them, one ear played softer than the other, so I had to return them. The new pair comes in the mail Tuesday :) I have to say though, I LOVE THEM. Not as much as my Super.Fi 5's, of course, but they are a REALLY fun listen. They have great bass, and really engaging sound.
then dont buy off amazon. technically sold by music factory direct, but you save $30. 
Are these the ones?  I'll pay $5 more if its off a REPUTABLE site. That is, if they ARE as good as they're made up to be. I'll wait for more reviews, no 'fence. :P
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