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Um, sorry, WHAT? Metro Fi 220's DON'T isolate or stay well in your ears? Theres a problem with either your ears or your Metro Fi's. I agree, though, they have GREAT sound :)
I don't even really upgrade. I just buy what appeals to me at the moment :P cheapies > Kicker eb141 > Metro Fi 220 > Super Fi 5> POSSIBLY: M6 and KSC75
^Pretty sure thats legit. Guys, jump on it! I LOVE mine, and I got them for like, $60 :)
Darn! I would have jumped at that 1 month ago, but my friends dad gave me an E5 free last week. :P  
Actually, none of my IEM's have broken. I just want an option that I won't be completely paranoid about breaking :P
Are these actually a good deal? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826106229 as in, are they reliable, and good sounding?
Are what I'm looking for in my next IEM's.   I have Kicker eb141's, Metro Fi 220's, and Super.Fi 5's. As far as sound signature goes, I'm open to almost anything that has a good sound QUALITY. The only catch: the IEM's must have detachable cables, and preferably be under $50.   I have already seen the Altec Lansing UH336, and am asking around, but I wanted to know if there were any other options? Thanks!
Actually, let me rephrase that:   Should I purchase these, or the M6's. I'll be getting the M6's anyways, mind you, this would just delay that by a couple months.
Okay, thanks! Do you think they're worth it for the $40 flat I can get them for?
Hey, razzer, is there gonna be a sale on the Pro Alphas anytime soon? :P
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