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would ANYONE like to comment? I need to order SOON.
please, someone? I need an answer :P
Well, I've been thinking about getting M6's for a while. However, I also want something analytical, which puts music out as it was recorded.   So, should I go ahead and get the M6, or get the RE2's?   Also, how is the durability on the RE2s?
Um, sorry, WHAT? Metro Fi 220's DON'T isolate or stay well in your ears? Theres a problem with either your ears or your Metro Fi's. I agree, though, they have GREAT sound :)
I don't even really upgrade. I just buy what appeals to me at the moment :P cheapies > Kicker eb141 > Metro Fi 220 > Super Fi 5> POSSIBLY: M6 and KSC75
^Pretty sure thats legit. Guys, jump on it! I LOVE mine, and I got them for like, $60 :)
Darn! I would have jumped at that 1 month ago, but my friends dad gave me an E5 free last week. :P  
Actually, none of my IEM's have broken. I just want an option that I won't be completely paranoid about breaking :P
Are these actually a good deal? as in, are they reliable, and good sounding?
Are what I'm looking for in my next IEM's.   I have Kicker eb141's, Metro Fi 220's, and Super.Fi 5's. As far as sound signature goes, I'm open to almost anything that has a good sound QUALITY. The only catch: the IEM's must have detachable cables, and preferably be under $50.   I have already seen the Altec Lansing UH336, and am asking around, but I wanted to know if there were any other options? Thanks!
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